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Scaling Ethereum’s present to provide funding for its future.

DappRadar is happy to announce it will soon integrate the Optimism blockchain and its ecosystem of dapps. Optimism is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum called an Optimistic Roll-Up. ORUs solve Ethereum’s scaling dilemma by moving bulky transaction data off the main blockchain while retaining the security guarantees of Ethereum’s base layer. For now, we invite the DappRadar community to learn more about the Optimism Network

Optimism is an Optimistic Roll-up, a fancy way of describing a blockchain that piggy-backs off another parent blockchain’s security. In this way, Optimism possesses all of the benefits of Ethereum (decentralization and security) with none of its drawbacks (high gas fees and slow execution). 

Optimism has already saved its users over $1B dollars in gas fees and handled millions of transactions. Its usage has steadily increased since removing its whitelist and becoming fully open for deployment while also discontinuing any regenesis-style upgrades. Optimism is unique in that it offers true equivalence to the Ethereum Virtual Machine while also donating 100% of profits generated from its currently centralized sequencer to retroactively fund Ethereum public goods.    

DappRadar will integrate and track Optimism dapps soon. As a result, our one million-plus monthly site visitors get exposure to Optimism dapps, allowing them to analyze which dapps perform well and to discover dapps they can use. 

Dapp ecosystem on Optimism 

The dapp ecosystem on Optimism already has established DeFi players such as Uniswap, Synthetix, Perpetual Protocol, and Aave–allowing users to engage in token swaps, derivatives trading, yield farming, and liquidity provision. The Optimism DeFi ecosystem currently has a Total Value Locked (TVL) of more than $340 million.

In the NFT category, several collections are living on Optimism, including OptiPunks and Hustlers–NFT characters in a hip-hop-inspired play-to-earn metaverse game. Users can scour  Quixotic, Optimism’s primary NFT marketplace, to find the next NFT gem. 

Start building dapps

Builders already familiar with developing for Ethereum will find deploying to Optimism incredibly simple due to true EVM equivalence. Tooling like Hardhat works out of the box. Optimism has allocated significant resources towards creating a best-in-class developer experience, and it shows. Deployment to Optimism is trivial and can be accomplished in one click. 

If you’re looking for a place to get started, we recommend checking out the Optimism developer docs, where you’ll find everything you need to know about building and deploying your first app on Optimism.

Aspiring developers can learn the basics of how Optimism and Optimistic roll-ups work. Those interested in diving deeper should check out the protocol specs or developer docs for a deeper dive. Their Medium page is also a rich resource for announcements and the more technical design philosophy behind the network.


  • Optimism has saved users $1B+ and counting in gas fees
  • Optimism is fully open to deployments
  • Optimism will no longer have any regenesis style upgrades
  • Optimism is the only EVM Equivalent L2, meaning developer tooling ‘just works’ and all it takes is one click to deploy
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