One week on: LiteBringer’s explosive launch

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The data shows LiteBringer’s first week has a remarkable success.

Given there are no other dapps running on the Litecoin blockchain, it was difficult to predict how the new PC game LiteBringer would perform. 

This difficulty was compounded as LiteBringer requires each user to download and sync the game software on their PC in order to create an account. 

To actually play the game also requires users to send some Litecoin to their game wallet, although small fractions of Litecoin have been made available via a faucet paid for by the developer CipSoft. 

Yet, as the data shows, LiteBringer’s first week has been remarkably successful. 

Indeed, the game already ranks in the top five in terms of weekly activity when ranked against all blockchain games.

Even more significantly, the growth shows no signs of slowing down.

LiteBringer formally launched on 15 September, although it was available prior to that date. 

At the time of writing, the number of unique wallets (effectively users) interacting with the game on a daily basis was 974, with a daily growth rate around 20%.

If that rate continues (obviously a big assumption), LiteBringer would be the second most popular blockchain game next week, and become the most popular blockchain game in two week’s time.

Similar to growth in the number of daily users, daily transactions have experienced strong growth.

The number of transactions per user is also rising; up from less than 100 to around 150 daily.

This suggests that the more they play, the deeper the involvement players are experiencing.

The more transactions generated per player, the more quests – and other on-chain activities such as trades on the marketplace – are being carried out.

Of course, this is very early data and it’s impossible to predict how long this growth will continue, and what will happen when the game reaches its long-term sustained level of audience. 

But what is clear is that LiteBringer has demonstrated that players remain interested in blockchain games as long as they are accessible and provide an immersive experience.

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