On-chain Generative Art Dominates NFT Sales Top 10

CryptoPunks, The Weeknd, Kevin Abosch and an Overly Attached Girlfriend

Not Beeple or CryptoPunks, but an on-chain generative artwork in the Autoglyph series is the most valuable NFT sale from the past week. Two sales in the Autoglyph series made it into the Top 10 NFT Sales from DappRadar. Music artists The Weekend, Euler Beats, graphical artist Kevin Abosch, an Overly Attached Girlfriend and CryptoPunks complete the list.

Autoglyphs are considered to be the first on-chain generated artworks on the Ethereum blockchain. These digital artworks have been created based on unique data from the blockchain, for example the hash that was used to purchase the artwork for the first time. That also means that the visual properties, the data and the software to generate the artworks are all stored on the blockhain.

Two years ago Autoglyphs sold for less than 1 ETH. The entire concept of on-chain art had been in its infancy, and hardly anybody paid attention to NFT technology had that time. Now that we’re in a bullish moment with lots of hype surrounding NFT artworks, there’s a wave of interest into on-chain digital art.

Earlier this year Euler Beats entered the market, introducing on-chain generative art that combines music with visuals. The first series was a big success, and with their newly launched Euler Beats Enigma series they once again generated lots of attention. The developers auctioned their master records for more than $3 million. Euler Beats Enigma LP 01 and LP 03 made it into the Top 10 NFT Sales.

The Weeknd, Abosch and Overly Attached Girlfriend

Over the weekend The Weeknd dropped his first artworks on Nifty Gateway in collaboration with Strangeloop Studios. Their biggest sale was an unique artwork called The Source, which sold for $490,000. At the same time conceptual artist Kevin Abosch used cryptographic keys to create his 1111 collection. The collection consists out of 1,111 artworks, of which one thousand will be sold at different moments through OpenSea. These artworks sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, as two made it into our list.

The Foundation marketplace keeps making moves in the space of internet culture. In recent weeks they have auctioned original NFTs of classic internet memes, including Nyan Cat and Grumpy Cat. This time the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme sold for 200 ETH, or more than 409 thousand dollar.

Top 10 NFT Sales

  1. Autoglyph #287 – $670,950 – Wallet of the buyer
  2. CryptoPunks – punk 3609 – $639,370 – Wallet of the buyer
  3. Nifty Gateway – The Weeknd’s The Source – $490,000 – Nifty Gateway Omnibus
  4. Foundation – Overly Attached Girlfriend – $409,536 – Wallet of buyer
  5. Autoglyph #233 – $273,610 – Wallet of the buyer
  6. Kevin Abosch – 1111 #0263 – $273,610 – Wallet of the buyer
  7. Euler Beats Enigma LP 01 – $243,010 – Wallet of the buyer
  8. CryptoPunks – punk 3308 – $220,270 – Wallet of the buyer
  9. Kevin Abosch – 1111 #0911 – $212,600 – Wallet of the buyer
  10. Euler Beats Enigma LP 03 – $207,710 – Wallet of the buyer

Other NFT Sales Highlights

  • Aavegotchi has also been in the spotlight. Not only is there lots of on-chain activity, their NFTs are also selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. One sale was worth more than $102,000.
  • Despite being copycats of the original CryptoPunks, Picasso Punks generated some remarkable sales this week.
  • The Grand Prix de Monaco F1 Delta Time 25P track segment sold for $84,000, even though the seller only acquired the track segment one month ago.
  • Ether Cards are a new NFT project, and one of their founder cards sold for $79,820 on the secondary market. Another founder card sold for $68,790, while a third one went for $63,990.

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