On-Chain Game Nine Chronicles Reached Record Numbers

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Idle RPG on custom blockchain now has over 30,000 monthly unique active wallets

The blockchain-powered idle role-playing game Nine Chronicles has seen its user base grow 132% to a record 30,989 unique active wallets in the past month. This means that more gamers have experienced a game running completely on the blockchain than ever before.

Nine Chronicles is an idle role-playing game running on its own custom blockchain solution. Every player action in the game involves a transaction on the blockchain, free of charge. Furthermore, all the gameplay rules are stored on the blockchain, making it impossible for anybody to cheat. 

Nine Chronicles launched in November 2020, attracting around 100 players per day. Now the game attracts 9,000 unique active wallets per day. These players can earn Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) by completing quests, resource gathering, crafting and, trading items. 

In the past 30 days the gaming dapp attracted 30,989 unique active wallets, placing it in 26th spot on the DappRadar Game Rankings, ahead of renowned projects like the trading card game Gods Unchained and the racing game REVV Racing. This is a record for Nine Chronicles, which runs its game mechanics completely on-chain.

Running on a custom blockchain

To an extent, Nine Chronicles isn’t much different from Splinterlands. The visual presentation and gameplay perhaps looks different, but under the hood, it’s all transactions, wallets, and play-to-earn mechanics stored on the blockchain. However, where Splinterlands taps into the Hive blockchain, Nine Chronicles runs on its custom open-source blockchain. This means any developer can fork the blockchain and make modifications to the game. They will then need to run their own blockchain network tailored for their modified version of the game.

Whenever the Nine Chronicles team introduces a major update, they basically need to fork their existing game. This requires coordination with the community, who are running the nodes to power the game’s network. Nine Chronicles hasn’t seen any significant forks from third-parties yet, but who knows what might happen if the game continues its upward trend.

The newly introduced EVM bridge to Ethereum makes it possible for players to swap their NCG for other currencies. Therefore the play-to-earn mechanics become much more interesting for a wide variety of gamers. Like the rest of the crypto market, the NCG token has seen its value drop. Over the past 30 days the token lost 36% of its value, while it now reached $1.13.

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