Off the Blockchain: DappRadar’s New Podcast

New podcast direct from The World’s Dapp Store

Every Friday at 4pm UTC, the team at DappRadar will bring listeners the latest news and hottest rumors about dapps built on the blockchain. The podcast is for people who want to hear three guys discuss the weekly issues and the long-term prospects of this brand new world. We’re real people, not just facts and figures. We’re Off the Blockchain.

DappRadar is already The World’s Dapp Store. It’s also the number 1 platform for blockchain analytics and information about NFTs, gaming, DeFi and the metaverse. We invite you to join us at Off the Blockchain, and gain insights, alpha information and FOMO control from Charlie, Ian and Robert. 

This week our discussion ranges from the insane trajectory of the Moonbirds project to the risky dapps currently flooding the market. We also laugh at Ian’s internet connection and the fact that Charlie can’t pronounce Robert’s surname properly. Dutch names are difficult!

Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on those alarm bells so you never miss an episode. Always feel free to put your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if you have any burning topics you need us to urgently discuss.

See you at Friday 4pm UTC, for the next episode of Off the Blockchain.

Trailer for Off the Blockchain

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