Night Crows Guide: How to Play and Earn

Night Crows guide how to play and earn CROW token WEMIX

Tips and tricks to enjoy and benefit from this new MMORPG

Welcome to this guide for Night Crows, a new MMORPG that you can play on desktop PC and mobile devices, and that allows you to earn. Powered by the WEMIX blockchain and Unreal Engine, this online game offers some of the most innovative game features on the market. 

Night Crows takes place in Europe after the crusades, but is set in an alternative reality filled with magic and technological advancements. While Europe is slowly being taken over by a dominant and oppressive force, the Night Crows are a bit of hope of dark times. You play one of these Night Crows, and together with thousands of others you need to battle and earn freedom for the people. 

What is Night Crows

Night Crows is a new generation of MMORPGs that combines classic elements from the genre with sophisticated Web3 features. Players need to pick a character class, grind mobs, gather resources, and level up. But in addition, Night Crows adds tokenization. This MMORPG allows players to mint their game items to the blockchain, and then lets them trade their game items or currencies. 

Night Crows is visually stunning, and allows all kinds of players to enjoy the game. You can play Night Crows on mobile devices or on your desktop PC. Moreover, you can have full control over your character, or let the game control your hero in AFK mode. 

Can you play Night Crows for free?

Yes, you can simply download and install the game, and then jump into the game without spending any money. For this guide we assume that you start with empty hands, so let’s grind our way towards the top! 

How to earn in this MMORPG

Yes, in Night Crows you can earn Diamonds. You need these for all kinds of in-game actions and purchases. But you can also convert these to CROW tokens once you hit level 45. CROW tokens can than be exchanged to a stablecoin, or other cryptocurrencies. 

Night Crows has 7 gaming tokens

This MMORPG uses a total of 7 different tokens, and you may think that seems a bit much. However, think of them as game items on other RPGs, like gold, diamonds, food, upgrade scrolls and so on. Various game items can be tokenized. However, the most important token for Night Crows is the CROW token. 

Active participation in the Night Crows economy will allow you to earn Diamonds. You need these for all kinds of activities and purchases, but you can also mint them as Value Added Diamond, or simply vDIA. You can then swap vDIA for CROW. 

CROW is like a premium currency, and allows players to buy certain game items, NFTs and also NFT game characters. CROW is also the bridge to the wider Web3 economy, allowing players to swap CROW for other cryptocurrencies on blockchains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Kroma, BNB Chain, Polygon and of course WEMIX 3.0.

Using the Exchange

As soon as you reach level 35, you can sell certain items you’ve collected on the Exchange. However, not all items. You can’t sell Bound items, like for example most quest rewards. When you sell an item, make sure to check the list price it sold for. This allows you to set a good price. 

Playing Night Crows

Night Crows allows players to control their character, and active skill through the skill bar in the bottom of the screen. You can move around using your keyboard or tapping your touchscreen. However, what stands out about Night Crows is the high amount of automation that’s included in the gameplay. Players can let their hero fight automatically, or let the character move from A to B without touching the controls. This makes the core gameplay of Night Crows a bit passive, but player interaction is required to maintain a level of progress. 

10 important tips to grind in Night Crows

Now that you know that Night Crows has a high degree of automation, then it’s now time to look at some important tips that can help you get the most out of your play time. 

Pick hunter class

When you’re getting started, make sure to pick the Hunter class. Warrior, Swordsman and Witch are fun as well, but the Hunter class makes it extra easy to grind mobs and level up your character as fast as possible. No worries, you can always change your class later on. 

Work together

Teamwork makes the dream work. I strongly recommend players to work together. You can do this in the game by setting up a party. Night Crows offers many quests where you need to kill 100+ enemies, and doing that as a group really speeds things up. If you don’t want to join a party, then standing next to other players also helps. Because players who both do substantial damage to an enemy, will earn XP rewards for doing so. 

Focus on main quests

Initially you will have to power level as fast as possible to become level 35. This will unlock your ability to sell items on the Exchange. So focus on completing main quests and avoid getting sidetracked. Mobs hardly earn XP, and completing quests does. 

Carry enough potions (but not too many)

Keep an eye on your potions. In Night Crows you automatically consume potions to keep your hero alive. During boss fights it’s even crucial to have plenty of potions. The game features an ‘auto potion’ mechanic, allowing you to set a threshold at which you consume a potion. Make sure potions make up a maximum of 70% of your bag space. Furthermore, just to paint a picture, you probably need 1,000+ potions at any given time. 

Use your mount

Try to save as many resources as possible, and therefore you should use your mount to travel instead of teleporting. You will unlock your mount pretty fast into the game, and through gameplay you will unlock more and better mounts. Mounts provide speed and combat buffs as well, so that’s also important to look out for. 

Level up your ACC

Upgrade your stats by for example getting better gear. Attack (ATK) and defense (DEF) make a lot of sense for every character, but accuracy (ACC) requires some explanation. Leveling up your ACC will help you to hit and kill higher level enemies. The lower your ACC, the bigger the chance that you won’t hit the enemy. So make sure to level up your ACC. 

Upgrade your items

Improve your weapons. Upgrading selected weapons or armor can be done by selecting an item in your inventory, and clicking the “upgrade” button. This then improves your hero’s stats. Each of these item upgrades requires a special ‘scroll’. As you level up your items, you will reach a point that upgrading comes with a certain risk. At advanced levels, attempting an upgrade has a chance of destroying your item or armor. 

Improve your skills

Manage your skill books. Every hero has a Class, and based on your class you get access to a skill tree. Adding new skills will allow your character to utilize new attacks or buffs. To learn a new skill, you must first acquire a book that contains this skill. You can find these books at the skill book merchants in the villages in each of the game’s regions. Please make sure the skills you’re aiming to buy are actually compatible with your class, and you also need to check the requirements for each skill. Some spellbooks are part of a series that progressively increase the skill’s level, for example Spell 1, which is then followed by Spell 2 and Spell 3. 

Register items

Collect items and gear that your can ‘register’. You can register certain items through the “Collect” menu. Doing so will destroy the items, but in return these can give you a character-specific buff. Completing the sets that improve your ACC will make it easier to fight against higher level monsters. In addition, you can improve your HP regen stat, allowing you to save on potions. 

Grind valuable resources when AFK

You want to make money? Then look up on the Exchange which items are currently valuable, and then find a place on the map where you can farm these items. Simply open the map, and find out which items you can farm where. This may require some research, but will help you get those extra diamonds. Of course this is perfect for AFK mob farming. 

Maximize your earnings in Dungeons

I’m calling it the end game, but when you reach level 30 an important feature of Night Crows unlocks. Once you’re level 30, you’re able to earn more diamonds through Dungeons. These special hunting fields are only available for a limited time. In addition, you can find these in both Normal and Special types. 

We strongly advise you to try to complete dungeons. These are very rewarding and allow players to improve their characters faster. 

Let’s take a look at some of the available dungeons, and learn what you can farm there: 

  • Land of Prosperity: Earn gold, and find the rare currency Morion. You can convert Morion to a tokenized coin. Max. 1 hour and resets daily.
  • Forest of Training: A good dungeon for crafting materials. Max. 1 hour and resets daily.
  • Irletta Temple: Find Ancient Papyrus (can be tokenized as well) and materials for gear and enhancement scrolls. 8 hours of playtime, and resets weekly. 
  • Sancona Ruins: a dungeon good for additional XP and weapon proficiency. 8 hours of playtime, and resets weekly. 
  • Special dungeons (i.e. Masarta Ice Cavarn): these special dungeons allow you to find rare loot, but these do require a special item to enter. 

Keep in mind, you can utilize a ‘time recharger’ item to extend your playtime in a particular dungeon. 

Key milestones when playing the game

  • Main Quest Chapter 2, ‘A Familiar Face’ – You receive your first mount
  • Level 30 – Unlock dungeons 
  • Level 30 – World bosses information available
  • Level 31 – Creed Inheritance points, allowing you to improve core stats
  • Level 35 – Sell items on the Exchange
  • Level 35 – Battlefront, competitive seasonal content
  • Level 45 – Covert diamonds to CROW tokens

Closing words

Your daily grind when playing Night Crows should put focus on level up fast and completing the main quests. When you reach a wall, start adding the daily quests to your routine. As soon as you can, enter dungeons and complete missions to get some free rewards from the seasonal battle pass. This should allow you to become competitive pretty fast. Good luck Night Crow, New Trieste needs you! 

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