NFTs Owned by Jay Z, Steve Aoki and LaMello Ball Pumped in Value

NFTs Owned by Jay Z, Steve Aoki and LaMello Ball Pumped in Value

A deep-dive in celebrity wallets with DappRadar NFT Financial View

Celebrities like rap god Jay Z and DJ Steve Aoki, but also basketball player LaMello Ball have the power to shape trends and influence thousands. This is especially true in the NFT world. Celebrity NFT purchases can make or break the success of whole collections.

But how much are celebs making from NFTs? Is this the new big thing in Hollywood investing? Thanks to DappRadar Financial View, you can now analyze NFT purchases and find out how much a wallet’s net worth has spiked or plummeted.

Of course, it’s worth noting that many of these purchases might not have an investment stimulus attached to them. After all, NFT art is meant as a collectible first and foremost. Still, it’s always interesting to peek into celebrity wallets, right?

To start this off, we’ll take a look at the wallets of a couple of prominent people from all walks of life. If you want to check out the full list of DappRadar-vetted celebrity wallets, you can find it here

Jay Z Made $242.000 Profit on His CryptoPunk

First on our list, we have Jay Z. With an NFT portfolio worth $672.270, Jay Z has something to be proud of besides his music career. A deep dive with the new DappRadar NFT Financial View shows that Jay Z has also made quite a nice profit on his CryptoPunk #6095. 

He bought the NFT for 55 ETH, which at the time of purchase was worth $124.236. Looking at the floor price of the collection today, it has jumped by more than 48 ETH, meaning Jay Z can probably sell his punk for $366.000 or 104 ETH, making a 90% profit on this one NFT.

Jay Z

Steve Aoki has an estimated $374.000 profit on Bored Apes

Next up, we have world-famous DJ Steve Aoki, who has a whopping $3.15 million worth of NFTs in his wallet. According to NFT Financial View, Aoki has made the most in profit from his Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. He owns a total of 5 NFTs from the collection, purchased for 76.5 ETH. Looking at the floor price and Ethereum pricing today, Aoki can make upwards of $373.888 from his BAYC NFTs. That’s roughly around $74,777 per NFT.

Additionally, the DJ has an impressive collection of 21 The Doge Pound NFTs, which can also bagg him a nice profit. Purchased for a total of 42.74 ETH, these are now worth more than 61.53 ETH, or $213.825. That’s a nice boost in price of about $64,738.

Jay Z

Early adopter LaMello Ball’s Bored Apes increased $246.000 in value

Last but not least, we have basketball player LaMello Ball. He too has an enviable portfolio of 56 NFTs worth over $331.080. Interestingly, once again, BAYC enters as the top grosser for this celebrity portfolio. LaMello Ball owns two Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. At the time of writing, his profit stands at more than 70 ETH, or about $246.133. This is proof that being an early adopter is not at all bad sometimes.

Additionally, LaMello Ball owns a Gutter Cat Gang NFT, which he purchased for 0.395 ETH. At the time of writing, the valuation for this NFT stands at 4 ETH, or about $13.900. This represents a profit of 3.61 ETH, or about $12.438. Once again, the basketball star shows that being an early bird can easily turn you into a profitable NFT collector. 

Jay Z

Judging by this deep dive, this list of celebrities stands to make a pretty nice income were they to sell even some of their NFTs. The new DappRadar NFT Financial View allows for an in-depth financial analysis of any wallet. Thanks to the DappRadar list of verified celebrity wallets, it is now easier than ever to spy on your favorite Hollywood stars.

What is DappRadar NFT Financial View?

The newly introduced DappRadar NFT Financial View is a great tool that allows you to monitor and analyze your NFT portfolio. While the Gallery View offers a nice grid with all of your NFTs on display, the Financial View will aid you in understanding your investments better. 

Finding your personal NFT Financial View is easy. Log in to DappRadar with your crypto wallet, or simply type in your wallet address in the Portfolio section of our website. From there, click on the NFTs tab and then on Financial view. It’s as simple as that.

In the Financial View tab, you will get information regarding the purchase price, current price, profit & loss, and floor price of the collections in your wallet. This is a great way to keep track of your investments and understand which collections are performing well. Check out the links below to get started with the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker and NFT Financial View in no time. 

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