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NFT Portfolio

Get a real-time financial overview of your collections

DappRadar has supercharged its flagship Portfolio Tracker with an all-new NFT financial overview. Now, alongside visualizing your stunning NFT collectibles and artworks in an easy way, you can instantly review their performance as investments and take action. The new financial view gives you insight into the floor price movements, your holdings in a collection, and the total value of that collection. Accessible on both mobile and desktop. 

Start valuing your collections today!

One of the major advantages that NFTs offer is the potential for collecting. Similar to buying comic books or stamps, the market for NFTs can provide individuals a place to collect and trade unique items that may increase in value over time. 

DappRadar understands that NFTs are far more than the metadata that sits behind them. In most cases, they are living, breathing artworks or collectibles that hold not only financial but potentially sentimental and personal aesthetic value. As the world rapidly heads towards the further digitalization of physical assets, you need to be prepared to take control of your digital life, and more importantly, your digital wealth.

NFT Portfolio
Gallery View helps you showcase and curate your NFT collections

Take control of your NFT portfolio

NFTs are complicated enough and as the digital collectibles market evolves, you need a complete financial overview of your assets, which are likely scattered across multiple blockchains and wallets. The DappRadar NFT Portfolio currently tracks NFTs on Ethereum (with more chains to be added) giving you total control over your collections. No more tab hoping and manual labor. 

Gain valuable real-time insight into your NFTs including: 

  • Previous floor price
  • Current floor price
  • Change in price 
  • Amount spent 
  • Current holdings 
  • Profit & loss 

Then take action, with zero platform fees, all from within our flagship Portfolio Tracker

NFT Portfolio
Financial View helps you assess your investments

Receiving a complete, immediate, and data-focused view of your NFT assets is key to understanding your NFT holdings and wealth. The NFT Portfolio tracker is designed to do just that, catering to the needs of investors, flippers, industry commentators, and new users. Moreover, as part of our proprietary Portfolio Tracker, it’s the first product of its kind to bring cryptocurrencies and NFT assets into one easy-to-use platform, with such a heavy focus on visualization and NFT valuations, thus fully encapsulating all that is valuable about this increasingly dominant asset class.  

Simply connect your wallet to DappRadar to start saving time, gaining accurate, industry-leading insight, and making the most out of your NFTs.

About DappRadar 

We want to make exploring, tracking & managing dapps, insightful, convenient, and rewarding for all. We started in 2018, bringing high-quality, accurate insights on decentralized applications to a global audience and rapidly became the go-to, trusted industry source. Today, we’re the starting point for dapp discovery – hosting more than 6000 dapps from over 20 protocols – offer comprehensive NFT valuation & portfolio management and lead the way in data-led, actionable industry reporting.

For all media inquiries and further commentary please contact: [email protected]

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