NFT Worlds Triumphs with New Roadmap, Pumping Token & Demand

nft worlds games of the week roadmap

NFT Worlds has momentum and leaves Splinterlands and WorldWide Webb behind

NFT Worlds has become the game with the most positive sentiment thanks to the increasing floor price of the world NFTs, the token price going up, and an extensively updated roadmap. The trading card game Splinterlands dropped a place, while the metaverse game world of WorldWide Webb continues its slow rise up the charts. 

While many virtual worlds see a decline in their land prices, NFT Worlds only gets more expensive. The cheapest world on the market now costs 9.8 ETH, or $29,000. At the same time, the WRLD token increased its value by 18.8%. This positive sentiment is emphasized by the release of a new roadmap, stating that the team will introduce land staking, a reward pool faucet, and more utilization for the WRLD token. 

Even though Splinterlands dropped to the second spot in the charts, the project experienced a very stable week. The trading card game attracted more than 500,000 unique active wallets, while the SPS governance token remained stable during an industry wide bearish week. At the same time, WorldWide Webb climbed the charts as a substantial increase in NFT trading volume and new benefits for landowners gave the project some wings.

Games of the week explained

Blockchain games drive 52% of all on-chain activity, according to our latest BGA Blockchain Game Report for Q1 2022. This article looks at the hottest gaming dapps of the week by combining on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and news surrounding the projects. 

Browse the complete list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week below. Click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. Alternatively, check out the handy video below, which summarizes the ranking for a quick view.

1. NFT Worlds 

NFT Worlds has become number one, thanks to the upcoming avatars drop, a renewed and expanded roadmap, and strong appreciation of the WRLD token.

2. Splinterlands 

More than 500,000 players pushed Splinterlands up the charts, while its native SPS token remained stable during a bearish week.

3. WorldWide Webb 

Advertisement options for landowners, various social events, solid NFT trading volume, and a teaser for avatars pushed WWW up the charts.

4. Pegaxy 

The popular mecha horse racing game Pegaxy now also has a mobile version for Android users, and is currently in testing.

5. Alien Worlds 

Even though Alien Worlds still attracts lots of activity, the GameFi dapp saw a strong decrease in usage. Also, the TLM token lost some value.

6. Sunflower Land 

The upcoming token launch and a fun Easter egg hunt brought a record of 110,999 UAW to Sunflower Land.

7. Decentraland 

When your metaverse world welcomes one of the biggest EDM music festivals globally, Coachella, you’re having a good week. MANA up 3.4%. 

8. Axie Infinity 

A relatively calm week for Axie Infinity. No changes to the upcoming competitive season and a teaser about staking land. At the same time AXS down 6% in the past week.

9. The Sandbox 

While SAND appreciated 1.2%, the real banger came from various partnerships. Slipknot will bring some heavy metal to The Sandbox!

10. Aavegotchi 

The Gotchiverse is getting busier as 31,870 unique wallets jumped in. They can now farm Gotchus Alchemica to make the Golden Aaltar and the Golden Tile. GHST is down only 0.5%.

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