NFT Worlds Snatches Top Spot Thanks to WRLD Token

NFT Worlds Snatches Top Spot Thanks to WRLD Token

Polygon-based Sunflower Farmers steals the spotlight as a new entry

Virtual world platform NFT Worlds dominates the top 10 blockchain games of the week ranking thanks to an enviable appreciation in price for its native token WRLD. In this week’s edition, we also see a new entry in the face of Polygon wonder Sunflower Farmers. The game has seen a huge spike in activity in the past week. 

Blockchain games have been at the forefront of crypto activity in the past several months. With this weekly article, DappRadar looks at the hottest gaming dapps. To compile this ranking, we’ve taken into account on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and news and events surrounding each dapp.

Browse around the full list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week and click on the respective image to learn more about each platform.

NFT Worlds takes center stage this week thanks to a significant surge in the valuation of its native token WRLD. The first airdrop of the token happened in late December last year, and in the past seven days alone it’s gained more than 268% in value. Additionally, NFT Worlds completed it’s very first playtest successfully. Hundreds of players joined one of the worlds and played games and interacted with each other without experiencing significant lags or bugs. 

Sunflower Farmers enters the top 10 games of the week with a splash straight to number two. The Polygon-based sensation has been the number one Polygon dapp in the past week, attracting 428.830 unique active wallets and surpassing any other dapp on the protocol. Additionally, the platform generated over $2 million in trading volume in the past seven days. 

DeFi Kingdoms has been a part of DappRadar’s weekly gaming top 10 for several weeks now. While the Harmony dapp has dropped a couple of positions since the last ranking, it’s still placed in the top 3. In the past week, DeFi Kingdoms reached an important milestone in its development. The native token JEWEL reached a $1 billion market cap, boosting its valuation by 47% in the past seven days alone.

Virtual world Decentraland climbs the ranking this week thanks to an important partnership with a big brand from the mainstream. With the beginning of the tennis season, Australian Open is just around the corner. Importantly, the big tennis tournament has teamed up with Decentraland to offer an exclusive party experience for tennis fans. To promote its CES announcements, Samsung will also open a virtual shop inside the virtual world. Additionally, Decentraland announced that it now supports a royalties functionality for all NFTs in the Decentraland native marketplace. This push to reward creators was appreciated by the community on social media. 

While Splinterlands fans are still awaiting major announcements from the game with the beginning of 2022, the Hive-based hit still ranks pretty high at fifth place. With more than 532.910 unique active wallets in the past seven days, Splinterlands is the most visited gaming dapp across all chains. 

The Sandbox is defending its position as one of the top virtual worlds at the moment. Ranking 6th this week because of a drop in the valuation of the native token SAND, The Sandbox still outputs champion stats. In the past seven days, the virtual world generated more than $16 million in trading volume for land NFTs. Additionally, The Sandbox announced an upcoming land sale event which drew in more users. 

Polygon-based Arc8 is facing stiff competition from rising star Sunflower Farmers. However, the mobile-based gaming dapp has announced some major news. The platform has now introduced a completely new mini-game that is exclusively accessible to G-bot NFT owners. The new game is called Sky Lord and features lucrative rewards pools compared to the other mini-games offered by the dapp. 

Wax-based behemoth Alien Worlds makes it to the eighth spot in this week’s ranking. Specifically, thanks to attracting 379.250 unique active wallets in the past week. The mining game has not yet announced any major events for 2022. Still, its huge fan base keeps pushing it ahead. Alien Worlds also just celebrated its one-year anniversary. Unfortunately, Alien Worlds saw its native token TLM lose a little over 10% of its value in the past week. 

EOS-based real estate game Upland makes it into the ranking this week thanks to an important announcement. The game has unveiled a new landmark building that is going up for sale soon. The Metropolitan Museum of Art will entice art lovers as the next big landmark in the virtual world. Additionally, Upland recently announced two completely new neighborhoods, which attracted more players. 

Last but not least this week we have WorldWideWeb3. The virtual world takes the last spot in the ranking. However, the dapp still saw significant activity in the past week. Generating more than $7.6 million in NFT trading volume the virtual world has also announced the launch of a new zone in the world. The new region will be called Token Valley. 

Virtual worlds and play-to-earn continue to dominate the gaming space

The first week of 2022 confirms the trends that started emerging towards the end of last year. Virtual worlds and the metaverse continue to draw in more users, especially emerging platforms like NFT Worlds. As the metaverse is still in its infancy, users are searching for the best new virtual experience out there. 

Additionally, play-to-earn opportunities like the emerging Sunflower Farmers platform continue to defy the boundaries of what gaming and DeFi can be. As new dapps spring across all chains, the play-to-earn movement continues gaining momentum. This further proves that crypto enthusiasts enjoy earning opportunities in all shapes and sizes. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space in 2022 as it reaches new heights. If you want to see the latest on-chain data for your favorite blockchain games, check out DappRadar PRO. With PRO you also get access to exclusive Discord channels to discuss your gaming achievements. Stay tuned for next week’s top 10 blockchain games as things move fast in the gaming space and we might see new contenders for the top spot!

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