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Who will win?

DappRadar is excited to announce its support for the NFT World Cup, a ground breaking Web3 competition taking place at NFT Fest in Lugano, Switzerland. Powered by Intraverse, the tournament brings together different blockchains and NFT projects from throughout the wider metaverse. 

NFT World Cup 2023: Summer Edition welcomes over 32 different NFT projects, providing a competition Web3 communities can battle in a fighting game and various social quests. The event is free-to-play, and the organization welcomes any NFT degen to battle for supremacy. 

Intraverse brings all NFT avatars to life, transforming every partner project into a playable character used in the fighting game. 

NFT World Cup 2023 kicks off on 27 August 2023, and until 15 June there’s an early bird discount. Games, collections and projects can apply for the next edition through this form. The NFT World Cup ends on 10 September.

DappRadar at NFT Fest Web3 Conference

The NFT World Cup 2023 takes place at NFT Fest, a Web3 conference in Lugano. DappRadar is event sponsor, and our Head of Research Pedro Herrera will participate as a speaker at NFT Fest. The event will be held in the Lugano Convention Center from 7 – 11 September 2023. 

How can you play in the competition? 

Anybody can join the NFT World Cup as soon as the competition launches. Simply pick one of the more than 32 available avatars, and earn as many points as you can to achieve victory. Players that are extra competitive will earn multipliers if they actually own the NFT from the project they play as in the game. 

The main game is a “Street-fighter” style gameplay where players choose a specific avatar and start fighting in an exciting 1vs1 battle. Both PvP and PvE game-modes are available and by winning, each player will score for the project related to that avatar. A full breakdown of the rules is available on the official Terms & Conditions.

Other than fighting, everyone can also be involved in a Social Score System where quests are available to grind more points.

The event starts on 27 August 2023, and it will have alternating days of fighting and social activities. During break days winning projects and their communities have the opportunity to build effective strategies in order to pass to the next round. This might involve forming alliances with other communities, gaming guilds or launching social media campaigns. 

Your NFT collection at NFT World Cup? 

Collections and games can join the competition by applying here. Every participating project donates 0.6 ETH to the organization, of which 0.5 ETH goes to the prize pool and 0.1 ETH will be used for operational costs. This means that the prize pool will be around 16 ETH. 

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