NFT-filled RPG Overlord.World Sees Serious User Growth

NFT-filled RPG Overlord.World Sees Serious User Growth
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Number of BSC wallets connecting to the game increased 305% over the past 7 days

The role-playing game Overlord.World on Binance Smart Chain has seen tremendous success in the past week, growing its user base by 305%. Gamers are flocking to join the online world and add some of the game NFTs to their wallets. 

Overlord.World’s success has become quite significant, as the game dapp now ranks ninth among all games on Binance Smart Chain. Following the boost in activity, the number of transactions approved by the platform also jumped by more than 230%. Additionally, the volume generated by Overlord.World rose by 157%, reaching upwards of $496,000 in a week.


Interestingly, Overlord.World boasts to be the first NFT-Integrated RPG game available on mobile devices. Gameplay is exclusively accessed through a smartphone or tablet. Currently, there is no PC or browser-based version. Currently, players can download the installation files from the official website

What is Overlord.World?

Overlord.World is a classic RPG-style game allowing players to explore different maps while battling other players. Player-versus-player battles give winners rewards and boost their ranking in the general leaderboard. 

You can easily boost your in-game character by purchasing armor, helmets, boots, weapons, and other additional equipment. Equipping the most upgraded versions of these items will significantly improve your combat power. Consequently, your chances of beating your opponents will also increase. 

Impressively, Overlord.World introduces detailed arena maps with a variety of gaming mechanics. This is one of the few mobile action games supporting NFT items and a PVP battle arena. This gives players the chance to use versatile action buttons and several attack types. Depending on the type of enemy you’re facing, this diversity in attack styles comes in very handy. 

In-game NFTs

In order to level up faster and to perform better in the game, users collect chests containing various rewards. These rewards can be anything from a real-time boost while playing, to a bag of coins that help to upgrade the character later on. Importantly, NFTs represent all items in the game. Additionally, players get to equip pets to assist them in their battles. Pet NFTs are available on the official in-house marketplace. 

All Overlord.World NFTs have a value in LORD, the game’s native token. LORD is a BEP-20 token that allows players to purchase pets, and chests, to improve their chances of ranking higher in Overlord.World rankings. In addition, there’s the OVL token – a newly launched utility token that players can earn and spend in the game. 

Gamers interested in giving Overlord.Worlds a try, can download the game through the official website. Currently, there’s only an SDK for the Android version of the game, leaving iOS gamers out in the cold. What is more, gamers who’re interested in acquiring some game items can either grind their way through the game or get some OVL tokens through the DappRadar Token Swap.

DappRadar will continue monitoring Overlord.Worlds as it continues drawing in new players, and as more game functionalities are introduced. If you’re curious to find out more about gaming on BSC, check out the links below.

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