NFT Ecosystem on Harmony Grows and GameFi Dapps Take the Lead

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tofuNFT and Cosmic Wizards surged in 30-day traffic

Harmony’s NFT ecosystem has been shining brightly this month as GameFi dapps in particular saw a strong increase in user activity. Dominating the leaderboard is DeFi Kingdoms, attracting almost 200,000 users to the Harmony blockchain.


  • Harmony (ONE) is one of the leaders in the innovation of cross-chain solutions, allowing dapps to run on multiple blockchain platforms. 
  • GameFi dapps have seen a strong performance in the NFT ecosystem of Harmony this April.
  • Leading NFT marketplace tofuNFT saw its user activity pump 283%, showing the increased demand for NFT trading on Harmony.  

The first quarter of 2022 witnessed the cryptocurrency industry going through a volatile stage in the market. Over the past two weeks, BTC has been staggering around $40,000, ETH around $3,000. The general downward trend in crypto also spilled over to the NFT sector. However, with nearly $12 billion traded in Q1 2022, we can’t say that the market collapsed. 

Instead, we have noticed more robust plans laid out by blockchain networks. For example, energy-efficient public chains represented by Harmony have been breaking through the current NFT predicament with cross-chain, scalable and affordable solutions. 
DappRadar has been tracking the Harmony ecosystem since last September. Lately, we noticed that the NFT sector has come out on top in the Harmony network, with DeFi Kingdoms’ unique wallet number increasing by 38.85%, NFTKEY Marketplace by 21%, and tofuNFT by a whopping 283% over the past 30 days.

Harmony’s NFT ecosystem thrives in the GameFi segment

According to the ecosystem map officially released by Harmony, it can be found that Harmony already has built an extensive dapp matrix, flourishing in all verticals. One of the most noteworthy is the killer product DeFi Kingdoms, which led Harmony’s GameFi data soaring over the past months.

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DeFi Kingdoms is a play-to-earn strategy game filled with NFTs. Impressively, DeFi Kingdoms recorded 190,592 unique wallets interacting with the dapp in the past 30 days. With an ambition to lead cross-chain gaming, DeFi Kingdom has validated its gameplay and tokenomics are truly appealing. But, more importantly, the success of DeFi Kingdoms proves that the Harmony blockchain offers the organic soil for dynamic NFT and game projects to grow healthily.

In addition, MarsColony and Cosmic Wizards are another two NFT games that shine in performance. MarsColony, a metaverse game inspired by a vintage space colonization game, recorded a 25% growth in active users and 33% in transactions. Cosmic Wizards, an open-world MMORPG ecosystem, had even more impressive numbers, with 30-day active users soaring by 643% and transitions by 592%.  

Harmony’s NFT marketplaces have seen growth

Harmony’s NFT marketplaces are also known for their cross-chain nature, with tofuNFT’s touchpoints covering as many as 20 blockchains. It is worth mentioning that the recent data performance of tofuNFT is equally exciting. Concretely speaking, tofuNFT users grew by 236% over the past 30 days, transactions by 390%, and volume by 561%.

Another marketplace dapp that stands out is NFTKEY Marketplace, which registered 143,741 transactions within the last 30 days. Marketplaces living on the Harmony blockchain seem to complement its GameFi sector by offering customized NFT trading for its gaming dapps. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Harmony and its ecosystem. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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