NFT Boss Battles Arrives on Binance Smart Chain

NFT Boss Battles
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Team up, battle, and win NFT collectibles

The creators of Litebringer and Tibia have now brought Boss Battles to Binance Smart Chain, combining NFTs and gaming with elements of DeFi. Boss Battles also comes with play-to-earn mechanics. 

NFT Boss Battles is a browser-based game in which players can work together. They collect unique heroes while fighting battles against monsters together. Every hero represents an NFT that can be bought or sold for BNB. The ultimate aim is to gather rare and powerful heroes, upgrade them to make them stronger, and fight the toughest battles.

The game has been developed by German studio CipSoft, the makers of the popular PC game Tibia and the same outfit that brought Litebringer to the Litecoin blockchain in September 2020. 

One week after Litebringer’s launch the number of unique wallets interacting with the game on a daily basis was around 1000, with a daily growth rate of around 20%. Today the game sees around 600 active wallets per day. 

NFT Boss Battles could potentially be a strong title for the experienced PC game studio.  Instead of the Litecoin blockchain, the project now uses Binance Smart Chain. This solution allows the incorporation of NFTs, and above all cheap transactions. In addition, BSC is full of activity, as it’s one of the biggest blockchains for the DeFi sector.

Get your own Hero in NFT Boss Battles 

After using the tutorial to learn the basics of NFT Boss Battles, users can take their hero and participate in a first battle. From here they can generate as many paid starter heroes as they like in the My Heroes section should they wish to have more than one hero, to begin with. That way you can progress more quickly through the game without having to wait for other players to fight a battle. Importantly, all starter heroes have the attribute Common and one star only to begin with.

Every hero has various attributes that define its appearance and current power and there is more than one way to know the attributes of a particular hero. By looking at a hero’s image you will be able to identify most of its attributes. There is a lot of information you can get from the way it is depicted.

In the bottom right corner of the image is the current level of the hero, and 15 being the highest. The element a hero is dedicated to is expressed by the background color and the symbols in the top corners of the image and cannot be changed. There are three possible elements: Ice, fire, and lightning, and every time a hero is created, the element is chosen randomly. 

The vocation of your hero is also an attribute that is randomly selected at its creation and can never be changed. It determines the weapon your hero will be fighting with. There are three possible vocations: warrior, hunter, and wizard. On top of that, there are several different options for each vocation regarding their outfit, armor, and hairstyle. The name of your hero is also predefined and depends on the combination of element and vocation. Importantly, like the vocation, gender, and skin color, they cannot be changed.

The current number of stars a hero has is displayed at the bottom of the image. In the example above the hero has two stars. This determines the outfit and armor of each hero. Each number of stars results in a different set of outfit and armor per vocation and gender with it is possible 

The rarity of a hero determines the hairstyle and cannot be changed. In other words, each rarity is depicted by a different hairstyle per vocation and gender. The color of the stars also visualizes one of the four possible rarities: Common, uncommon, rare, and epic. 

NFT Boss Battles

Moreover, users can click on details in the My Heroes section and find all the available information about a hero including some additional information and interaction possibilities.

Boss Monsters 

Boss monsters have similar attributes to heroes and every time a boss has been defeated a new boss monster is generated. As a hero, a boss monster is classified by one of three elements and one of three vocations with the appearance of a boss monster dependent on game progress, its vocation, and element. The power of a boss monster depends on the game progress and the number of heroes required to defeat the boss.

NFT Boss Battles

The number of heroes needed to defeat a boss monster is determined at the time of its creation. The more heroes that are required, the higher the power of the boss monster. 

Players can find this information under Registered heroes. In the example above “1 of 3” means that 3 heroes are needed to defeat the boss monster and 1 hero is already available for that battle. Above the image, the stage is displayed. The stage is related to the game progress which means the higher the stage, the higher the power of the boss monster. All in all, there are 15 different stages which a hero can join.

The adjusted hero power shows how much damage your hero will cause if it goes into battle against this boss. It all depends on the power of your hero as well as its vocational and elemental benefits or disadvantages. 


There are 15 different battles with one boss monster for each of the 15 stages. A hero can repeat a stage any number of times. There is no given completion order, which means a hero can take part in the battle of stage 5 even if he has never taken part in the battle of stage 4.

Importantly, there is a limited number of heroes who can participate in a battle. If the number of heroes which is needed to defeat the boss monster has been reached, no further heroes can register for this battle. In order to do so, you will need to sign the transaction request which will appear within your blockchain wallet. When registering for a battle you will only have to pay the transaction fee for the miners. There is no additional game fee and players can register as many of their heroes for open battles. You could even fill up a single battle with only your heroes! 


In most cases, players only have to pay the gas fee to play NFT Boss Battles. The amount of BNB that you have to use for this depends on the current gas price and your own preferences in choosing low or high gas prices. There is an upgrade fee of 0.00075 BNB which you can pay if you want to add an additional star to your hero and increase its power. Importantly, gas prices on Binance are a fraction of the cost on Ethereum. 

Also, note that every time you sell one of your heroes a market fee of 5% will be charged.

And of course, should you buy heroes from other players the corresponding amount of BNB will be deducted from your account balance. The price you need to pay for heroes from other players will depend on the current market price.

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