New NFT Collection Gives EpicHero Significant Boost

Demi Heroes Introduce EpicHero to More Players

BSC game sees an influx of users after new NFT collection got introduced

The release of the new Demi Heroes NFT collection has given a boost to EpicHero, an NFT card-based game on Binance Smart Chain. The new NFT collection lowers entry levels for new players or investors, and this gave EpicHero a 75% boost in unique active wallets over the past 24 hours. 

EpicHero has an innovative play-to-earn mechanic which allows players to win rewards in BNB every time they make a transaction in the game. All purchases of the native tokens EPICHERO and THOREUM “reflect” a percentage of the value of the transaction back to the player’s wallet in BNB. Additionally, purchasing or selling Demi Heroes or Genesis Heroes NFTs also activates the mechanism. 

However, to still keep the value of the Genesis Heroes NFT collection, the team has decided to introduce several requirements for Demi Heroes holders who want to benefit from the passive income mechanic. In order to keep the reflective mechanism working, Demi Heroes must not be inactive for more than seven days in a row. Activity on the platform includes participating in battles and completing daily tasks.

Demi Heroes push activity for EpicHero

Since the drop of the Demi Heroes collection around 24 hours ago, EpicHero has enjoyed a significant bump in activity. The game welcomed upwards of 1500 players, which was a 75% increase compared to the day before.

Additionally, thanks to players purchasing the new NFT card pack, transactions processed by EpicHero smart contracts spiked 278%, reaching almost 9000 in a 24 hour period. This is a significant uptick, yet explainable, as players flocked to purchase the new Demi Heroes packs. 

The EpicHero community had been waiting for this development, as the starting price for a Genesis Heroes NFT reached upwards of $400. The new Demi Heroes packs, however, had a much more affordable starting price of $32. 

More on Demi Heroes

Demi Heroes are the latest addition to the EpicHero universe. These characters also have different rarity levels, however, none of them have a starting star level above four. Additionally, Demi Heroes only have about 1/20th of the power of Genesis Heroes. Of course, being much cheaper, this is not surprising. By limiting the capabilities of Demi Heroes, the team behind EpicHero is looking to preserve the value of Genesis Heroes NFTs.

Additionally, Demi Heroes can also be created by breeding two Genesis Heroes. This is a significant benefit for early adopters, who own Genesis Heroes NFTs. Currently, players can only purchase Demi Heroes packs, but cannot resell them. However, in the future, a separate Demi Heroes marketplace will launch, so secondary trades for these NFTs can happen. 

EpicHero is also working on releasing a new staking mode, where both Genesis and Demi Heroes can be used. Titled “Battle for Olympus” this staking mode will have three different pools battling with each other for rewards. With a 3-day staking period, players will be able to receive staking rewards in EPICHERO tokens if their pool becomes a winner.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the EpicHero ecosystems as more players join to try out their capabilities. If you want to know more about this BSC play-to-earn opportunity or want to purchase a Demi Heroes pack easily, check out the links below.

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