New Features and Apartment Builder Coming Soon to WorldWideWebb

New Features and Apartment Builder Coming Soon to WorldWideWebb
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The virtual world will begin rolling out gaming mechanics soon

WorldWideWebb is one of the most popular virtual worlds at the moment, and the team of developers behind the game is actively working on new features and an apartment builder tool. According to the latest Twitter announcement, the platform will welcome its second and improved version soon. 

The announcement details that WorldWideWebb V2 will bring a lot of security enhancements to the game. The team has not shared a detailed overview of what V2 will bring to users. However, the main focus will be to optimize performance and set up a foundation for future developments. 

WorldWideWebb is gearing up to become one of the largest MMO platforms in the metaverse. In order to do that, however, the team will put their efforts towards building a solid foundation. With the second version of the platform, players could expect enhanced anti-cheating and anti-fraud mechanisms. Additionally, the developer team has focused on boosting performance. V2 will offer players lightning-fast action and loading speeds throughout the whole game world. 

With V2, WorldWideWebb will also welcome a much-anticipated functionality regarding apartments in the game. Apartments are the ‘land plots’’ in the game. With the upcoming release of the apartment builder tool, players will be able to customize their virtual homes. 

Webb land has recorded tremendous performance in the past seven days. The collection recorded 300% more unique active users interacting with its smart contracts. Additionally, it generated close to $3.5 million in NFT trading volume. With the upcoming apartment builder, all of these new virtual homeowners will get a chance to decorate and organize their own space.

WorldWideWebb apartment builder

The release of the apartment builder on WorldWideWebb is one of the major milestones the team has to complete in the upcoming weeks. This builder is a key instrument for the future success of the platform. It allows gamers and NFT apartment owners to customize their space and leave their mark in the virtual world. 

According to the official Twitter thread, the apartment builder will give collectors an option to fully design and structure their apartments. Filled with a plethora of items and functionalities, each apartment has the potential to become a unique space in the metaverse. 

Importantly, this is only the first version of the apartment builder. In the future, this tool will allow players to create and design quests, mint NFTs and integrate other functionalities into their apartments. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring WorldWideWebb as the project moves on to V2 and releases further gameplay elements. To stay on top of metaverse and gaming news, follow DappRadar on Twitter. Additionally, you can check out the links below for further information regarding gaming on the blockchain and the future of virtual worlds. 

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