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Hape Prime, Azuki, and C-01 Official: An in-depth look at three popular NFT collections beating the odds in a tepid market

In this third January 2022 edition of the New Dapps Report by DappRadar, we look at three popular NFT collections: Azuki, Hape Prime, and C-01 Official. The New Dapps Report serves as an executive overview and analysis of financial metrics for NFT collections. 

The New Dapps Report series consists of executive reports that provide readers with a high-level perspective of promising randomly generated NFT collections. The report focuses on financial metrics like sales activity and price analysis and distribution metrics like Unique Holders Ratio and the Whale Concentration Index. Furthermore, it dives into whales’ behavioral patterns and detailed social and technical overviews. 

In 2022, despite the tepid market conditions related to current events, the NFT market is going strong and new collections launch every week. In this edition of the New Dapps Report, we chose three fashion-oriented NFT projects that gained prominence in mid-January. Each has shown potential based on the factors that we consider in our analysis. 

Azuki, Hape Prime, & C-01 Official

First, we look at Hape Prime, a BAYC inspired collection. HAPE has a strong social media presence, gaining nearly 280,000 Twitter followers and 450,000 Discord users in under a month and having a floor asset growth of 3700%. 

We will then look at the Azuki: an anime-inspired collection that seeks to establish a cult following by promoting art, music, and online community. Ex-Big Tech developers and LA-based artists developed the collection. It has already accrued a total trading volume of over $112 Million in two weeks and is currently the 5th most traded collection in the last seven days. 

Finally, we look at C-01 Official, a collection developed by French fashion industry veterans who worked for Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The collection launched in mid-January and, two weeks after minting saw its highest sale of 40 ETH / $ 96,000.

Please, do not consider this document financial advice. 

Data updated on: Jan 26, 2022

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Hape Prime – BAYC inspired collection aims to bridge community hype and street fashion. Collection generation total volume of $62,536,068 / 21,555Ξ and has floor asset growth of 3700% a week after minting.
  • Azuki – Anime inspired collection developed by ex-Big Tech employees with a total volume of $122,918,806 / 41,386 Ξ after nearly 2 weeks since the mint and floor price growth of 590%. 
  • C-01 Official – Collection developed by French fashion industry veterans with the goal to bridge digital ownership and high fashion. Nearly two weeks after the public mint the collection had a total trade volume of $ 37,954,646 with 13,050 unique traders.

HAPE Prime – Floor price growth of over 3800% 


Blockchain: Ethereum

Launch date: Jan 19, 2022

Edition size: 8,192 (8157 currently available) – Limited Edition

Traits:  N/A

Attributes: N/A

Hape Prime is a collection of 8192 high-quality BAYC-inspired, 3D rendered avatars with a strong focus on street fashion and community support. At the time of writing, the collection has yet to release the art officially. However, a lot has already been leaked on the official Instagram. London-based Digimental Studios are developing the collection, a highly professional team with extensive experience in their respective field and a large cadre of moderation and community-focused members to curate the experience worldwide. 

This approach has garnered a lot of attention, as it currently has a total volume of $ 62,536,068, and despite being a week old at the time of writing, it is the 10th most traded collection in the last 30 days. Meanwhile, the floor price has grown by 3700% since the minting. This is sure to increase even further once the art is released. 

Added Utility – Standard utility package

The project aims to become the next leader in digital fashion by uniting technology, community, and style. The utility factor is strongly associated with fashion music and multimedia. Information in the roadmap is sparse, but Hape holders will be rewarded with: 

  • Official Hape music
  • Secondary NFT drops
  • Special digital collections 
  • Exclusive clothing merchandise collaboration 

The goal is to evolve the collection into a unique fashion brand that is solely available to the HAPE holders.  

Financial Overview

The collection is performing strongly in the first week after the release. The total volume is  $62,536,068 and it is the 10th most traded collection in the last 30 days and the 6th most traded in the previous 7-days. There are 4,936 unique trading wallets associated with this collection, indicating a growing demand. So far, 84% of all trades have been profitable, showing that the average price is still rising. The early buyers have enjoyed a floor asset appreciation of 3700%. 

All of this exciting trading happens before the official art is released for the project. Once the artwork is released, the main bulk of the trading will begin. 

  • Mint Price: 0.2 Ξ, 
  • Current Floor Price: 7.6 Ξ  (3700% up from mint price)
  • Floor market cap: 61,993.2  Ξ / $148,783,680
  • Average sale price: 7.56 Ξ  / $ 1,682,400 (3405% up from mint price)
  • Highest sale:  HAPE PRIME 15 Ξ / $ 36,000
  • Initial revenues: 1,638.4 Ξ / $ 3,932,160
  • Unique holders (ratio):  6282 (77%)
  • Total Volume: $62,536,068  / 21,555 Ξ 
  • 7 day volume: $62,536,068  / 21,555  Ξ
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio: 0.89  (2,439 / 2,713) 
  • Total Traders:  4,936
  • Secondary market royalty: 0%

Social Awareness & Engagement 

Hape has a powerful social media presence. Their Twitter account was created in January 2022, and it already has over 280.000 followers and is growing daily with an average of 4,163 followers. Their Discord is just as lively. Nearly 450.000 unique users populate it. It has a very elaborate sign-on procedure that is made specifically to eliminate potential bots and bad actors. 

Moreover, they have a very active moderation team. The community on Discord is very active throughout the day in all channels. Furthermore, there is support for users in many different languages. Their Instagram has over 169.000 followers and is primarily used to leak upcoming art for the collection and release promotional material.   


Team Overview

The team is made primarily of members of the London-based Digimental Studio. The project members are all very talented and some of them have worked for exchange listed companies like Google and Nike. 

The team is made of : 

Digimental – Founder, Team Lead, and  Member of BAYC – Previously worked as art director for NIKE and Chelsea Football Club with more than a decade worth of experience.  

Justcarl – Growth and Strategy – Ex-Google and Ex Esports Fnatic team 
Mr. Krime – Music – Official music producer for the project.

Besides the core team, the project has a large cadre of regional moderation members to support international communities worldwide. The core team did not make their info public which is not ideal; however, it is not a cause for concern since all of them have a spotless established reputation and many years of professional experience. 

Technical Overview

There are no significant concerns from a technical standpoint. Like most NFT projects, Hape metadata is stored using IPFS rather than fully on-chain. Not ideal as the smart contracts and the metadata are separate, but IPFS is working correctly. A common challenge in visually rich metadata projects.

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage: OOP NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and graphical assets hosted on IPFS for immutable ownership.
  • Contract address: 0x4db1f25d3d98600140dfc18deb7515be5bd293af

Whale Wallet Analysis

Hape is a very well distributed collection. The Unique Holders Ratio is 0.77. The higher the ratio, the less susceptible a collection is to price manipulation or sudden price movements. The top five whales control only 3.34% of the total collection, which is a good indicator that affluent users will not be prone to price manipulation. 

However, many famous NFT traders are represented in the top 5 owners of the collection, such as lianli.eth, luca.eth and ajin.eth in 2nd, 3rd and 5th places, respectively. The presence of high-profile traders lends credence that the collection could be a highly successful endeavor and usually precipitates increased trading interest. Users must also be wary of following high-profile traders as their collection exit often precedes a selloff.  

  • Whale concentration ratio: 273 / 3.34%

Azuki – Generated over $112 million trading volume in  2 weeks 


Blockchain: Ethereum

Launch date: Jan 12, 2022

Edition size: 10,000 – Limited Edition

Traits: 12

Attributes: 454

Azuki is a collaborative grass-roots NFT project created by a diverse group of individuals who aspire to evolve into a community-led, artistic brand. The project is governed by three guiding pillars of ‘’community first’’, ‘’dope **** only’’ and ‘trust the process, it stays true to these ideals. 
The collection is made of ten thousand anime-inspired avatars professionally rendered by the project artists. This collection has struck a chord with the community as it is currently the 8th most traded collection with a volume of $122,918,806 in the last 30 days despite being only two weeks old. What is more, Azuki continues to grow. The floor price has increased by over 590% since the minting on January 12th.

Added Utility – A very robust offering

Azuki is still in the early developmental stages and is currently exploring potential utility avenues for the holders. Besides the bespoke anime avatars, the reward list is quite extensive and not yet finalized. In this section, we will discuss the most actionable offers developed at this time. 

To empower the community online, Azuki will expand into the metaverse and offer the following benefits to its holders.


  • Lookbook – an online gallery where artists can broadcast and publicize their work for the audience
  • Azuki 3D – Azuki aims to create a comprehensive online hangout space. Whether it will be in Sandbox VR, Decentraland or another offering is yet to be finalized. 
  • Azuki Game – a video game experience 
  • Digital Goods (drip) – the team will create unique 3D assets to gild one’s avatar to bedazzle the onlookers.  

Physical Rewards 

  • Streetwear – Azuki is seeking partnership with a yet unnamed party to produce a unique streetwear brand
  • IRL events – Azuki will host meet-ups, concerts and other exclusive IRL events 
  • Collectibles – Azuki will feature a line of various collectible items from toys to skateboard with an emphasis on quality over quantity .
  • Record Label – Azuki aims to fix the music industry by promoting music artists through NFTs


  • $BEAN – Azuki will launch a fully SEC complaint token to be used in the Azuki-verse
  • DAO – Azuki plains to eventually evolve into a DAO 

Financial Overview

Despite being just under two weeks old at the time of writing, Azuki has surpassed a total of over $112 million in trading volume and is the 5th most traded collection in the last 7 days.

The top-grossing sale happened 11 days after launch when Azuki #2174 for 130.69 ETH, or $313,656. Early minters enjoyed a floor asset appreciation of at least 590%. 

  • Mint Price: 1 ETH. The price will drop by 0.05 ETH every 20 minutes until it reaches 0.15 ETH
  • Current Floor Price: 6.9 Ξ (590% up from mint price)
  • Floor market cap: 69,000 Ξ / $ 165,600,000
  • Average sale price: 5.33  Ξ / $ 12,792 (433 % up from mint price)
  • Highest sale: Azuki #2174 for 130.69  ETH /  $313,656
  • Initial revenues: 10,000 Ξ / $ 24,000,000
  • Unique holders (ratio):  5,358 (53%) 
  • Total Volume: $122,918,806 / 41,386 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $82,193,141 / 29,148 Ξ
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio:  1.11 (8,277 / 7,476) 
  • Traders: 14,130
  • Secondary market royalty: 0% 

Social Awareness & Engagement 

Azuki has a  prolific online social presence. The Discord has over 64,000 active users. It has two-factor authentication and is actively moderated by a diligent crew of ambassadors, so the server is very secure from bots, scammers, and other bad actors. The community is very active on all channels, with the conversation going throughout the day. 

Their Twitter was established nearly half a year ago, in August 2021, and has a follower count of over 130,000. 89,000 of whom have joined in the last 30 days. Their channels have been growing steadily since the inception, with an average daily growth of 2,972. 

Their Instagram has a following of 16,100 followers and is used to post promotional artwork for the project.  


Team Overview 

The diverse team consists of highly talented individuals who have worked for NASDAQ-listed companies like Facebook, Google, and Activision Blizzard, which lends credibility to the project. The project was founded by members of Chiru Labs, a creative studio in Los Angeles.  

ZZZAGABOND – Project Lead – ex-Big Tech veteran 

2PM.FLOW Engineer who also previously worked for Big-Tech

LOCATION TBA – Software Engineer – Previously worked for Facebook 

HOSHIBOY –  Designer and entrepreneur who got funded twice in the Y-Combinator startup competition 

The rest of the team was formed by the following members : 

STEAMBOY – Ex Blizzard Entertainment  character art director for Overwatch 

JOO –  Talented freelance artist from Toronto and creator of HJ-Story

GENGHISKWAN –  A freelance pixel ARTIST

DAPH – Community manager and twitch streamer 

BEBOOP – Head Discord and community moderator Ex-Google project manager.

PIZOOKIE – Community Moderator

The team has not made themselves completely public; however, this is no cause for concern as all members are active online and have a clean, established reputation. Moreover, having members who worked for NASDAQ listed companies like Google, Facebook and Activision-Blizzard significantly elevate the pedigree of this collection.  

Technical Overview

Like the majority of the NFT projects,  metadata is stored on central servers and hosted on Ethereum through IPFS. Not ideal, but the IPFS is working correctly. 

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage: Azuki NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS for immutable ownership.

Whale Wallet Analysis

Azuki currently has a Unique Holders Ratio of 53%. This is on the lower end of the spectrum; however, the collection is still relatively young and has a relatively high mint price of 1 ETH. Understandably, potential buyers are waiting for the mint price to drop before committing to a purchase. A lower ratio indicated a higher susceptibility to sudden price changes. The whale concentration is average at 4.66%. A higher whale concentration suggests an increased risk of price manipulation by prominent collection holders. 

Among the top 5 whales are prominent whales like luggis.eth and chipnft.eth. The presence of significant whales increases the social profile of the collection and usually attracts increased trading activity during buying and selling periods. 

  • Whale concentration ratio: 4.66% – 466 pieces

C-01 Official – French Haute Couture meets the Metaverse


Blockchain: Ethereum

Launch date: Jan 14, 2022

Edition size: 8,888 – Limited Collection

Traits: 10 

Attributes: 274

C-01 is a high fashion-oriented collection consisting of 8888 handmade avatars created by fashion industry veterans. The goal of the collection is to revolutionize the fashion industry and merge high fashion and personal ownership of the assets. It has been a little over a week since the C-01 mint and the collection has already generated a trading volume of $37,954,646.  It is currently the 17th most traded collection in the last 30 days. The floor price has grown by 92% since the minting.

Added Utility – Standard utility package

Although the collection is aimed at a female high-fashion oriented audience, it has an expanded assortment of utility features outlined in the roadmap that will prove helpful to a universal audience. 

Besides the gilded fashion avatars, the holders of the NFTs will be awarded the following rewards :

  • Token rewards 
  • Exclusive digital merchandise 
  • Physical merchandise from partnered collaborations with the fashion industry 
  • Integration of the avatars into the metaverse and virtual worlds such as Sandbox and Decentraland  

Financial Overview

The collection launched in mid-January and is currently the 27th most traded with a 7-day trading volume of $8,939,343, according to data on DappRadar. It has 13,050 unique active trading wallets with a healthy demand for the collection. Early minters are enjoying a floor asset appreciation of 92%. The highest sale happened on the 23rd of January 2022, which was slightly later than a week after the minting event, which took place on January 14th, 2022. 

  • Mint Price:  0.25  Ξ
  • Current Floor Price: 0.48 Ξ / (92% up from mint price)
  • Floor market cap: 4,266.24Ξ  / $ 10,238,976
  • Average sale price: Ξ 1.05  / $2520 (320% up from mint price)
  • Highest sale:  C-01 Genesis 2  40   Ξ / $ 96,000
  • Initial revenues: 2,222  Ξ / $ 5,332,800
  • Total Volume: $37,954,646 / 12,197 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $8,939,343 / 3,366  Ξ
  • Unique holders (ratio): 5,556 (62.5%) 
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio:  1.09 (7,018 / 6,463)
  • Traders: 13,050
  • Secondary market royalty: 0%

Social Awareness & Engagement 

The collection enjoys a healthy social media presence. Its Twitter was launched in January 2022 already has over 89.000 followers, with an average daily growth of 2,958. Their Discord is much more lively in comparison. It has over 372.000 registered unique users. Discord requires a verified phone number and an intricate sign-on procedure to enter and a dedicated team of moderators, so the presence of scammers, bots, and other bad actors is very low. 


Team Overview 

The Teams is entirely public and consists of veterans of the industry who have worked for fashion houses like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton. Additionally, the head artist worked at Warner Bros Studios for many years. The presence of such high-profile members increases the gravitas of this collection. 

Gilberto Zaragoza –  3D Artist –  Ex-Warner Bros entertainment studios. Entertainment industry veteran. 

Kevin Dedelot – Cyber Security Developer – Previously developed a security software architecture for Banque de France 

Luis Monteiro – Fashion Designer – A fashion industry veteran who previously worked for Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent among others 

Carla Huvelin  – Accessory developer – A fashion industry veteran who previously worked for Chanel and Christian Dior 

Tanguy Demme  – Developer – Robotics enthusiast, an embedded systems engineer with a professional experience of over 10 years 

Dr. Kevin Haddad –  Plastic surgeon 

Rangga Chandra – Head Moderator  

Technical Overview

There are no significant concerns from a technical standpoint.

Like most NFT projects, C-01 metadata is stored using IPFS rather than fully on-chain. Not ideal as the smart contracts and the metadata are separate, but IPFS is working correctly. A common challenge in visually rich metadata projects.

Audit status: no audits committed yet

Storage: For immutable ownership, C-01 NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and graphical assets hosted on IPFS.

Whale Wallet Analysis

C-01 is a very well-distributed collection. The whale concentration, which is the percentage of assets owned by highly affluent traders, is relatively low at 2.23%, which is good. A lower ratio indicates a reduced likelihood of market manipulation. The Unique holder’s ratio is 62.5%, meaning a very high dilution of owners. The higher the holder’s ratio is, the less sensitive the collection is towards sudden price changes due to selloffs. 

Among the top 5 whale holders are known flippers *라소카.eth and vfund.eth. The interest of prominent whales lends credence to the project as it can increase attraction. One should be aware of the risks of following large whale trades. Their exit from the project can precipitate a selloff. 

  • Whale concentration ratio: 198 (2.23%)


Hape is barely a week old at the time of writing and already has a trading volume of $58,740,108, making it the 6th most traded in the last seven days. It outperforms many established collections like BAYC and CryptoPunks in weekly trading volumes. The collection’s floor price has appreciated 3,700% since mint and continues to grow even before the art has been made public. 

In comparison, this outperforms the recent trailblazer CloneX X TAKASHI MURAKAMI or PhantaBear, which had an appreciation of 1200% and 1380%, respectively. It also has attracted many prominent NFT whale traders, 3 of whom (lianli.eth, luca.eth and ajin.eth) rank in the top 5 owners. The collection takes strong inspiration from BAYC and street fashion with the aims of creating a recognizable brand that is only available to the holders of HAPE

Azuki is an anime inspired fashion-oriented project that is making waves on the market. The collection surpassed a trading volume of $112,579,387 in two weeks, making it the 8th most traded collection in 30 days. It is currently beating out many established collections in monthly volumes like BAYC and AxieInfinity. The collection has over 13 thousand unique trading wallets and keeps climbing, indicating healthy demand. The project’s goal is to develop into an independent brand on and offline and support the development of the art community. 

C-01 is a brand developed by French fashion industry veterans to become the next step of evolution for the traditional fashion industry by blending high fashion and digital ownership. The collection is slightly older than a week and already has a total trading volume of $37,241,945, making it the 18th most traded collection in the last 30 days, according to DappRadar. 

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