Navigating Life Beyond: An In-Depth Look at the Web3 MMORPG

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A captivating blend of futuristic gameplay, decentralized ownership, and play-to-earn opportunities

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Life Beyond, a web3 MMORPG that pushes the boundaries of gaming by merging cutting-edge technology, immersive gameplay, and decentralized economies. With a unique blend of exploration, cooperation, and play-to-earn mechanics, Life Beyond aims to redefine the world of MMO games.


What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a free-to-play, play-and-earn MMORPG set on the distant alien world of Dolos planet. Players assume the role of pioneers tasked with establishing a colony in this hostile environment, encountering and battling dangerous wildlife along the way. The game features four classes for players to choose from, each with a distinct weapon selection.

Developed by Life Beyond Studios (previously known as Darewise Entertainment), a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, Life Beyond is one of the most promising web3 games in the industry.

The game is built on Polygon and leverages the benefits of a scalable and secure platform for decentralized ownership of in-game assets and resources. This integration allows players to have true ownership over their virtual items, which can be traded or sold on various marketplaces.

The game has been in active development since its first alpha playtest on June 29th, 2022. Currently, the open alpha stage is ongoing, with the development team steadily patching bugs and making improvements to enhance the overall gaming experience.

What makes Life Beyond innovative?

Life Beyond distinguishes itself not only within the traditional gaming industry but also among blockchain-based games. In the broader gaming landscape, Life Beyond’s innovation lies in its seamless integration of blockchain technology. This integration offers players true ownership of digital assets and unprecedented control over in-game economies and societies, setting it apart from conventional MMORPGs.

What makes Life Beyond innovative is dynamic gameplay

Within the blockchain gaming industry, Life Beyond stands out due to its impressive graphics, engaging gameplay, and an immersive narrative that evolves as the game itself is developed. Many blockchain games often prioritize their tokenomics over the quality of the gaming experience. Life Beyond, however, strikes a balance between the two, delivering a top-notch gaming experience without compromising on the benefits of blockchain technology.

How do you get started with Life Beyond?

While Life Beyond is currently under development for PC, the developers have expressed their desire to eventually make the game available on as many platforms as possible.

To get started with Life Beyond today, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website: Explore the available information about the game.
  • Sign up for an account: Click on the “Sign Up” button on the website and create an account with a valid email address.
  • Download the game launcher: Once you’ve signed up, download the Life Beyond game launcher.
  • Install the launcher: Install the launcher on your device and log in with your account credentials.
  • Join the Hub: As Life Beyond is still in development, you can participate in the ongoing playtests and engage with other pioneers in the Hub, the game’s social area. Access prototype features as they’re released, chat with other players, and contribute to the future of Life Beyond’s development.
  • Check for updates and announcements: Stay informed about the latest developments, game updates, and playtest schedules by following Life Beyond on social media and visiting their website regularly.

Remember, Life Beyond is still in the development phase and has not officially launched yet. By participating in playtests and engaging with the community, you’re helping to shape the future of this web3 MMORPG.

Moreover, Life Beyond is designed to be accessible to all players, regardless of their involvement with NFTs. So the developers are committed to keeping the game free to play while offering various in-game items, lands, and customization options through blockchain technology as bonuses.

Gameplay and lore

Life Beyond’s gameplay and lore are intricately connected, with the game’s narrative evolving alongside its development. Set on the alien world of Dolos Planet, the game’s current lore follows players as pioneers who are tasked with colonizing the new planet. As they battle hostile wildlife and navigate the challenges of establishing a settlement, players are immersed in a rich storyline that unfolds over time.

As players work together to colonize Dolos, the narrative will shift to depict a future where Dolos has become humanity’s new home. In this future scenario, players can look forward to enjoying peaceful days, engaging in simple professions, and experiencing the fully realized society they helped create.

At the end of 2022, alpha players got attacked by aliens during an event – something that completely changed the narrative and shaped the future of the games while allowing gamers to play an active role in the battle. Those who attended the event and fought received Medals of Courage and or Honor as NFTs.

This dynamic approach to game development and storytelling ensures that Life Beyond remains an engaging and ever-evolving experience for players. As they progress through the game, players can anticipate new challenges, narrative developments, and gameplay features that reflect their collective efforts to establish a thriving community on Dolos Planet.

NFT game items

In Life Beyond, various in-game assets are represented as NFTs, giving players true ownership and allowing for trade on secondary markets. These NFT game items include the Origin Collection, Agent Zero jackets, and the anticipated Metaverse lands.

Origin Collection

The Origin Collection is an NFT collection consisting of four different Apartment Access Keys: Founders Key, Discoverer Key, Trooper Key, and Ape Key.

Life Beyond NFTs

These keys grant players early access to the game and provide unique benefits for their in-game experience. The Origin Collection has already been minted and is now only available for purchase on secondary markets like OpenSea.

Agent Zero jackets

The Agent Zero jackets are collectible NFT fashion items that symbolize early support for the game. Players who own these jackets will receive unique rewards and opportunities for participating in the game’s storyline as part of the elite Agent Zero unit.

Agent Zero jackets NFTs Life Beyond

These jackets are part of the complete Agent Zero set, which is expected to expand as the game progresses.

Metaverse lands in Life Beyond

While land NFTs for Life Beyond have not yet been launched, the anticipation within the community is high. Players can look forward to an immersive experience where they will have the freedom to own, develop, and customize their space as they see fit.

The game’s story is currently in the Pioneering stage, where players are exploring the rich landscapes of Dolos and combating the nanotech infections that plague the ancient world. During this stage, players are responsible for cleansing and conquering new regions, setting the stage for future development.

Metaverse lands in Life Beyond

Then, the game will transition to the Settling stage. In this phase, players will have the opportunity to transform conquered regions into lands, which can be developed and customized according to their preferences.

Players will get to construct housing, attract leisure seekers, or focus on economic growth. Trading resources and expanding their society of pioneers will be essential in this stage, as players will need to address the challenges posed by thieves, criminals, and the ever-present threat of nanobot invasions.

How do you play and earn in the game?

As Life Beyond is still in development, players can participate in the ongoing playtests and various play-to-earn opportunities during this phase. Here’s how you can make the most of your gaming experience:

  • Complete missions: Take part in solo or group missions to gain experience, rewards, and in-game currency DOL. Your participation also contributes to community goals, unlocking new events and prizes.
  • Acquire and trade NFT game items: Owning NFTs provides unique rewards and advantages. Some items grant access to exclusive content or experiences. Additionally, players can trade in-game assets, such as NFTs, on secondary markets like OpenSea. Trading and investing in valuable assets can potentially generate profit for players.

By engaging in these activities during Life Beyond’s current development stage, players can maximize their earning potential and enjoy a captivating gaming experience while awaiting the full launch.

The DOL token

The DOL token, although not yet launched, has already garnered significant attention among Life Beyond players. This native token of the game will serve as a key element in the gaming experience, allowing players to participate in the Reward Program and earn rewards through various in-game activities.

To provide early supporters with the opportunity to secure DOL tokens, Life Beyond airdropped NFTs called DOL vouchers. These vouchers, which can now be found on secondary marketplaces, represent a certain amount of DOL tokens that will be redeemable once the token is launched. By purchasing these NFTs, players can secure their position in the game’s economy early on.

The DOL token will likely be built on the Polygon network. This choice would ensure faster, more efficient transactions and reduced gas fees, benefiting both the game’s developers and players.

When the DOL token is finally introduced, players actively engaged in the game during the development stages may gain substantial rewards. This potential earning opportunity has driven many players to get involved with Life Beyond early on, actively contributing to its growth and success.

What’s coming in 2023: Life Beyond’s roadmap

Life Beyond has a whole roadmap planned for 2023, outlining the game’s progression and the introduction of new features.

Life Beyond Game Roadmap 2023

Here’s a summary of what players can expect in the coming months:

  • Avatar creation tool and new weapons and gear.
  • Missions expansion and combat training.
  • Land ownership mechanics.
  • Agriculture and building simulations.
  • Exploration app with Petbots, unique NFT PFP robots.

In 2023, Life Beyond aims to deliver an immersive and constantly evolving web3 gaming experience. As the development progresses, players can anticipate a richer, more engaging world to explore and an increasingly rewarding play-to-earn economy.

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The future of Life Beyond looks bright, and players can eagerly look forward to its continued evolution. As the game grows, we will keep you posted on how the web3 space receives it.

For those interested in exploring other web3 games, DappRadar is the ultimate resource to discover the industry’s latest and most promising titles. Stay updated on the blockchain gaming world, and take advantage of new opportunities to engage in the play-to-earn economy.

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