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Win one of the already sold-out card packs!

DappRadar and Tiny Titans have joined forces and we will send three Titans to a new home, perhaps with you. However, these three Tiny Titans don’t have a name yet, so you will need to help out!

  • Tiny Titan #1 – name (Drago) – winner’s wallet address – 0xFd10510E5A6f2dAdEad4965bA590A0baf163054c
  • Tiny Titan #2 – name (Frankenstein) – winner’s wallet address – 0xBc80efDeA67f9A00219bAe5F15b4283Dff634ccF
  • Tiny Titan #3 – name (Purple puff) – winner’s wallet address – 0x72D40654CFf32491eEcEF26E2220D2554FC93664

We are giving away three Tiny Titans NFTs to three winners. To have a chance at winning, all you have to do is name these cute, weird, little monsters. A professional jury of moms, professors and Titan guardians will pick the best names. The judgement of this jury can’t be argued, as they are among the best of the best.

So, you want to win a Tiny Titan? Let’s see what you need to do.

How to win?

  1. Please make sure you have an ETH or BSC wallet.
  2. Wallets on a centralized exchange, like for example Binance, don’t count.
  3. It makes a lot of sense to install Metamask, either in your browser on on your phone.
  4. Connect BSC to Metamask, following our guide.
  5. Fill in the form below.

The competition ends on Monday, July 12th. Winners will receive their NFT in their BSC wallet, and we will announce winners on social media. If the form below doesn’t load, use this link to open the Google Form.

Tiny Titan #1
Tiny Titan #2
Tiny Titan #3

About Tiny Titans

Tiny Titans is a digital collectible game in which players need to take care of their creatures, while also using them to battle. Users can create their own NFT, and then trade it, evolve it or send it to battle. Each character in the Tiny Titan series is unique and has randomly generated characteristics. 

All Titans have the same attributes, ranging from attack power to defense and from agility to luck. However, the values of those attributes are different for each character. By playing with a Titan, feeding it, and making it fight, it can level up. Leveling up will enhance the attribute values, making it stronger, faster, or more agile. 

Read more about Tiny Titans here

tiny titans

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