Tiny Titans Launching Playable and Collectible Digital Creatures

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Small monsters with big ambitions on Binance Smart Chain

Tiny Titans is a digital collectible game in which players need to take care of their creatures, while also using them to battle. Users can create their own NFT, and then trade it, evolve it or send it to battle. Each character in the Tiny Titan series is unique and has randomly generated characteristics. 

Tiny Titans is a new NFT project on Binance Smart Chain. We’ve covered this blockchain a lot when it comes to decentralized finance, but it also supports non-fungible tokens or NFTs. These NFTs verify the uniqueness, originality, and ownership of digital assets, which can be a piece of digital art, a game item, or a Tiny Titan. 

Starting from June 13th users can mint their own unique Titan. They can then give it a name, and start playing with it. All Titans have the same attributes, ranging from attack power to defense and from agility to luck. However, the values of those attributes are different for each character. By playing with a Titan, feeding it, and making it fight, it can level up. Leveling up will enhance the attribute values, making it stronger, faster, or more agile. 

TITS make the world go round 

In the world of Tiny Titans TITS is the currency that matters, but you buy Titans using BNB. In addition, you can use these tokens to interact with your Titan. However, these interactions will be added further down the road, so for now TITS are mainly battle rewards. You should keep in mind to feed your Titan every ten days though, or it will die. To resurrect a Titan, players need to pay a bit of BNB.

TITS can be bought using BNB, but players can also win TITS. To win tokens, players need to battle in a special fight mode.

So you want to get into the action

This is the step-by-step guide on how to get your hands on a Tiny Titan starting from June 13th. 

  1. Make sure your Metamask is connected to the Binance Smart Chain. You can find a guide on how to do that here. Then also make sure you top it up with some BNB tokens. 
  2. Go to the Tiny Titans website 
  3. Connect your wallet to the website by pressing CONNECT in the top right corner
  4. You can then Mint a Tiny Titan for 0.5 BNB 
  5. Or you purchase one from the marketplace at a certain price
  6. Press ‘buy’ 
  7. Confirm the transaction in Metamask 
  8. And 30 seconds later you’re the proud owner of your own Titan! 

The future of Tiny Titans

The launch of these first Tiny Titans can be considered the step in the evolution of the NFT collection. The developers plan to add a lot more Titans to the game, which will probably make these genesis ones more valuable. In addition, the team will add items to the game, for example giving Tiny Titans weapons to use in battle. Of course you will need to use your TITS to get those weapons and boosts. Another feature coming, will be the ability to merge Titans into a stronger one. Again, this will require TITS.

Furthermore, Tiny Titans will feature more than just one game mode. Aside from the battle mode, the developers will introduce new game options. They are thinking about an arcade mode in which your Titans need to survive as long as possible. In the future, these little creatures could become the stars in more games, as they become the lead characters in an entire gaming ecosystem.

Visit the Tiny Titan website!

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