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An innovative management game powered by WAX

Music Mogul is a music tycoon management game, powered by the WAX blockchain. Players need to sign artists, create engagement around their future stars, and guide them to stardom. The entire experience utilizes NFTs and cryptocurrencies, creating value for gamers who manage to propel their artists towards stardom.

Made by Tyranno Studios, Music Mogul is a music artist management game with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Players need NFT artists to manage, but they also need to create tracks. Moreover, to celebrate the launch of Music Mogul on WAX, gamers can now compete in a 31-day competition for a $1,000 prize pool in WAXP. Grab the mic, and let’s start our journey to the walk of fame.

Compete for $1,000 in WAXP

Music Mogul launched on 16 January 2023, and lets every player compete in the $1,000 WAXP Music Mogul Showdown. The player who spends the most CRED in the first 31 days since launch, will win the prize pool. 

What is Music Mogul? 

Music Mogul is a music tycoon play-and-earn game where gamers can build their own record label, hire new talent, and grow their music empire. Players need to strategize their efforts and make good decisions all the time. 

Music Mogul features a couple of important gameplay loops, including Touring and Recording. Both these modes play an integral part in the tycoon experience, allowing players to earn different cryptocurrencies. In addition, players will participate in both PvE and PvP gameplay. 

Music Mogul game modes

Music Mogul offers various game modes, but all modes connect nicely as well. 

  • Tour – Spend CNOTES to let artists perform at venues to earn Keys. 
  • Recording Studio – Spend CRED to let artist record new hit songs in the Recording Studio

Players who need CNOTES, but have none, can set up a Farewell Tour for one of their artists. An Artist NFT will be exchanged for CRED. Common NFTs get you 3 CRED, uncommon ones 6 CRED, while rare artists net you 18 CRED. 

You can then use the CRED to record a song. You can earn more CNOTES by securing a song placement in the weekly Top 500 streaming chart. So, you will need to record songs in the Recording Studio.  

In which venue you can perform, depends on the rarity of your Artist NFTs. Common NFTs can only perform in local clubs, while legendary ones can have a packed stadium. Players have a limited amount of Performance slots, and after performing an artist needs a 7-day break to recover. 

CNOTES in Music Mogul explained

The primary token in the Music Mogul ecosystem is CNOTES. Players need CNOTES to do performances, while they earn CNOTES by achieving a position in the Top 500 Weekly Streaming Competition. 

Each recorded song is a one-time entry into the weekly competition. And you can submit as many songs as you like. Genre themed competitions may urge players to create and submit songs within specific genres, providing a boost in potential CNOTES earnings.

Music Mogul tracks

Every week they distribute 10,000 CNOTES through the Top 500 charts. The supply of CNOTES is fixed at 1,000,000 tokens. 

Purchasing items and services with CRED 

The secondary token of the Music Mogul ecosystem is CRED, which has over 18 use cases in the game’s ecosystem. Players need CRED to purchase items and services within the game. Players can earn their first CRED through the Performance game mode. 

CRED has a total supply of 5,000,000 tokens. 

How to create a track in the Recording Studio?

Once players have earned some CRED through Performances, they can use CRED to go into the Recording Studio. To start this process, select “Recording” in the top menu. You need to rent a room, and renting a more expensive room comes with various benefits. There are 5 levels of recording studios:

  1. Bronze (3 CRED) 
  2. Silver (10 CRED)
  3. Gold (42 CRED)
  4. Platinum (104 CRED)
  5. Diamond (228 CRED)

The more rare a room is, the bigger the boost in quality it can give to a song. Through a bronze room players can only get a song of B- quality, while a diamond room has no quality cap at all. 

Players can enhance their chances by hiring crew members and gear. This will require CRED. The amount of crew members and gear increases, based on the room rarity. Depending on the genre of music you’re trying to make, you will also need to hire certain crew members and gear.

What are Music Mogul Artist Talent Packs?

Every artist in Music Mogul exists as an NFT, and you can acquire new artists by buying a Music Mogul Artist Talent Pack. These packs contain a random mix of 25 NFTs. These NFTs come in 5 rarities, or levels, ranging from one to five stars. 

You can buy the Artist Talent Packs from the secondary marketplace, for example Atomic Hub. You will need a WAX Cloud Wallet with WAXP tokens in it. You can scroll through the available assets on the secondary market on the Music Mogul marketplace on Atomic Hub.

What are Artist NFTs?

Every player, or music mogul, needs artists for their record company. In Music Mogul these artists are presented as NFTs. At the moment there are 25 artists to collect. Players can upgrade their cards by combining them, making a 1-star card into a 2-star one etc. The more stars an Artist NFT has, the rarer it is and the more rewards the player can earn. 

How to craft your Artist cards with Music Mogul Star Maker? 

Players can upgrade their Artist NFTs with Star Maker, a tool to craft and upgrade Music Artists. Upgrading cards will strengthen their abilities, and help players to rise to the top of the charts. In order to craft or upgrade a card, you will need to collect a set amount of cards from a single artist and from the same rarity. You can then combine them into a better card, by burning them.

3x 1-star cards to craft 1x 2-star (Uncommon)

4x 2-star cards to craft 1x 3-star (Rare)

6x 3-star cards to craft 1x 4-star (Epic)

9x 4-star cards to craft 1x 5-star (Legendary)

What type of Performances are there? 

Depending on the rarity of the Artist NFTs, players can send their superstars to various events. Common artists can only go to local clubs or be a supporting act. Uncommon ones can join Secret Shows and Campus Tours, while rare artists can even be on morning radio or perform at music festivals. The more rare an artist NFT is, the bigger the performances. Legendary artists can attend award ceremonies and perform in luxurious private shows. 

Depending on the event your artist performs at, it will cost a certain amount of CNOTES. The cheapest events cost 4 CNOTES, while the legendary ones cost 30 or even 40 CNOTES. However, the more pricey the event, the bigger the rewards. For every event players earn CRED. To get a complete overview of the potential yield, please refer to this blog post.

How to get started with Music Mogul?

Anybody can start playing Music Mogul by following these easy steps: 

  1. Create a WAX Cloud Wallet
  2. Top up the wallet with some WAXP
  3. They suggest having 10-15 artists is a great way to start your journey. You can buy them on the secondary market, starting at a price of $0.81. Find those on Atomic Hub.
  4. Now you’re ready to go to the Music Mogul website
  5. Press “Play now” 
  6. Press “Log in”, and use your WAX Cloud Wallet to do so.

Now your journey to stardom can begin! 

Music Mogul on DappRadar

DappRadar tracks Music Mogul through the NFT project page. Here you can find information about trading volumes, the number of sellers and buyers and average prices. 

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