More Staking Rewards for Nine Chronicles Season 2 Starting Friday

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224,000 NCG in the reward pool, starting Friday March 4th

The Arena Season 2 of the idle role-playing game Nine Chronicles begins tomorrow, Friday March 4th. As part of this season launch, the team has created a reward pool of 224,000 Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) for those who participate in staking. 

Running for 16 days, from March 4th to March 20th, Nine Chronicles’ developers have ‘taken note of the community’s feedback’. Arena Season 2 will come with various improvements on Arena Season 1. There will be:

  • More rewards for players and NCG holders
  • Fewer rewards for bots and abusers
  • A fairer warrior’s battle for real gamers to enjoy
Nine Chronicles – Arena Season 2

The 224,000 NCG total reward pool will ensure a competitive reward system for the top 2,000 players. The platform announced that this total amount has been adjusted with Season 3 coming hot on the heels of the second season, scheduled for only one and a half months from now.

The game makers are ensuring that more rewards will go to players using the Monster Collection feature. This feature allows players to earn core resources by depositing NCG. It’s basically Nine Chronicles’ staking and reward system. Users can activate the Monster Collection by staking 500 NCGs. In addition, these participants will get a 200% reward.

Anyone who wants to gain these rewards will need to activate the Monster Collection before Season 2 ends on March 20th. A staking snapshot will be taken at this point – the 3,640,000th block – and players who’ve staked 500 NCG will receive their reward.

Say NO! to abusers

During Season 1, the Nine Chronicles dev team received many complaints in relation to bot accounts and dishonest people gaming the system for profit. After giving it some thought, the team has reengineered the medal system for Season 2, so that:

  • The top 2,000 players will earn rewards whereas before it was the top 500. 75% of the reward pool will be allocated to this competition.
  • Only 25% of the total reward pool will be divided up among medal winners. That means people don’t get rewarded simply for competing. Now, actually winning is the way to earn NCG.

There will also be ‘aggressive bot detection methods’ put in place to root out any tricky algorithms posing as humans and farming tokens.

How to participate

  • Unlock the Arena Mode after clearing level 17.
  • Compete in the Arena and get a higher rating.
  • Use the Nine Chronicles portal to check the full standings as the data will be displayed in the portal.

For those who want to discover more about Nine Chronicles, you’re in luck. DappRadar tracks the decentralized idle RPG through its rankings. With over 10,000 players in the past week, Nine Chronicles ranks among the top 25 most popular games on DappRadar. Check out the rankings and discover more gaming dapps.

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