Moonpay Spent Over $3 Million on a CryptoPunk – Top 10 NFT Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales week 1 2022

Crypto payments firm rose to prominence as a concierge service provider for celebrities

With a 900 ETH or $3,09 million price tag for CryptoPunk #2581, crypto platform Moonpay made the biggest NFT purchase from last week. However, the intentions of the purchase remain a mystery. Are they making moves as an investment fund in the NFT space, or will they reveal new celebrity clients becoming part of the NFT community?

Thanks to Moonpay’s purchase the purple hat wearing zombie punk #2681 has become the 12th most expensive NFT in the CryptoPunks collection. So far Moonpay has been most active with Bored Apes, helping celebrities like Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon to get their own Bored Ape NFT. 

At the moment it’s unclear what will happen to CryptoPunk #2681. However, after the purchase, they tweeted ‘Guess…’, while referring to the punk purchase. Followed by a similar tweet where they announced the acquisition of a World of Women NFT for $25,000. Normally they move these NFTs to another wallet, which is then owned by a particular celebrity. But looking into their collection shows that Moonpay has been collecting quite some NFTs from various collections. They now own 2 CryptoPunks, 7 Bored Apes, 1 Mutant Ape, 1 World of Women NFT, and 1 CloneX.

Biggest NFT purchases – week 1, 2022 (January 3 – 9) 

  1. CryptoPunk #2681 – $3,09 million / 900 ETH – bought by crypto platform Moonpay
  2. Bored Ape #1837 – $1.3 million / 420.69 ETH – bought by CEO Deepak Thapliyal
  3. Bored Ape #1401 – $1.24 million / 400 ETH – bought by anonymous
  4. Doodle #6914 – $1.12 million / 296.69 WETH – bought by NFT investor Pranksy
  5. Blood Run, by XCOPY – $899,350 / 242.69 ETH – bought by ComfyGang
  6. Bored Ape #23 – $894,530 / 289 ETH – bought by Musitie
  7. Doodle #2238 – $862,980 / 269.69 ETH – bought by music dj Steve Aoki
  8. Bored Ape #2023 – $844,750 / 222 ETH – bought by Eunomia
  9. Hacker City, DCL – $837,500 / 250,000 MANA – bought by Favid / Fednyc
  10. CryptoPunk #8305 – $835,020 / 260 ETH – bought by anonymous

Last week we already reported an increase in trading activity for the Doodle collection. Two purchases from that NFT collection now also made it into the Top 10 NFT Sales from this week. Pranksy purchases Doodle #6914, while world-famous DJ Steve Aoki acquired Doodle #2238. 

Higher up  the list in second place we see Bored Ape #1837, collected by Deepak Thapliyal. Last week Thapliyal already made headlines when he paid $5.8 million for a Mega Mutant Serum NFT from the Bored Ape collection. Deepak isn’t only a big spender on NFTs, he’s also the CEO of This means that he’s also a big believer in the cultural importance of blockchain and NFTs. 

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