MOOI Network: Revolutionizing Digital Experiences with Gaming and Web3

MOOI Network- Revolutionizing Digital Experiences with Gaming and Web3
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Ecosystem overview and performance of MOOI Network

MOOI Network is a rapidly growing Web3 ecosystem that offers a variety of high-quality dapps and games. With a focus on becoming a first-tier game-tailored ecosystem, MOOI aims to attract more Web2 users to the Web3 space. In 2023, MOOI unveiled various ambitious plans to improve user experience, including the expansion of its games library, partnership networks, enhancing transparency, and more.


What is MOOI Network?

MOOI Network is a blockchain specifically designed for the metaverse, and it serves as a sidechain to the Klaytn blockchain. The network boasts technical features such as fast finality and multisig contract support. These make it an exceptional platform for building a blockchain ecosystem with faster and more stable services, higher capacity, and reduced transaction fees for users.

MOOI Network was the brainchild of Post Voyager, a subsidiary of the Japanese mobile gaming IP leader, Cocone. Since its launch on 30 June last year, it has built an outstanding portfolio filled with high-quality gaming titles and projects. These include MetaLivly, PKCL Twins, Clawkiss, and JANKEN

Thanks to these technical advantages, MOOI Network quickly became a top choice for developers seeking a more efficient platform for their blockchain projects.

With its technical advantages and strong roots in gaming, MOOI Network rapidly emerged as the preferred platform for developers. Its vibrant and diverse ecosystem already gains recognition as a top destination for GameFi, NFT projects, and various other exciting dapps.

Where gaming and blockchain meet

Cocone, the parent company of Post Voyager, has a long history of releasing and operating successful gaming social apps with billions of digital items sold globally. Over the past 14 years, Cocone’s flagship projects, Pokecolo and Livily Island, have attracted over 130 million users across 74 countries. 

Its extensive expertise in virtual world ecosystems, avatar services, item creation, marketplace operations, and community building has been honed through years of experience in Web2 gaming.

All of these laid the foundation for the birth of MOOI Network, Cocone’s transformation into a Web3 service provider. Now, MOOI Network’s dapp ecosystem is already well established. It includes a game-tailored crypto wallet, an NFT marketplace for in-game items trading, and a swap service for exchanging in-game currencies. 

A growing ecosystem for GameFi and NFTs

Since its launch, MOOI Network has witnessed rapid growth in activity. It has witnessed more users flock to the ecosystem for its diverse range of services and dapps. In just six months, the platform has recorded over 16.3 million transactions and an uptick in NFT volumes. Notably, more than half of all the activity relates to gaming . 

Jellyme – an NFT marketplace

At the heart of the MOOI Network’s economy is Jellyme, an NFT marketplace for blockchain-based games. Recently, the marketplace has seen a significant surge in popularity, following the release of two new Cocone blockchain games, Janken and PKCL Twins, in January 2023. 

During the month’s final week, Jellyme users purchased over 14,000 NFTs, with more than 20,000 NFTs minted. Additionally, the number of real-time traders exceeded 2,600 in the same 7-day time span. This impressive growth and activity highlight the potential of Jellyme and the MOOI Network in the world of NFTs and blockchain-based gaming. 

PKCL Twins – a blend of NFTs and fashionable avatar items

PKCL Twins is the latest dress-up avatar game by Cocone, drawing inspiration from the wildly popular Pokecolo Twins game. The latter has captured the hearts of over 20 million in Japan and globally. PKCL users can dress up models in stylish outfits and mint NFTs within the app, also selling and purchasing outfit items in Jellyme. 

Since its release at the end of December 2023, PKCL Twins has experienced remarkable user growth. Its daily active users (DAUs) reached an impressive 10,000 shortly after launch. This rapid adoption is a testament to the game’s appeal. 


Janken is a game that offers a fresh take on the classic game of rock-paper-scissors. In the game, players use NFT cards to play their moves, with a range of common, rare, and epic cards available to collect. 

For those seeking the ultimate challenge, players can earn legendary cards through ranking rewards. It certainly adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. With the opportunity to participate in Minor and Major League matches, players can earn Ranking Points and JGT tokens for victories.

Janken has attracted an impressive 30,000 DAUs within just a few days of its release. As one of the most popular games on MOOI, Janken continues its momentum, with its daily user base consistently exceeding 15,000.

What does the future hold for MOOI Network?

MOOI Network has rolled out multiple ambitious plans for 2023. There will be over 10 new projects released on the network, including blockchain versions of popular Cocone titles. The ecosystem will also expand with a launchpad and improved interoperability. 

Moreover, MOOI Network is set to integrate with DappRadar, allowing for a more user-friendly way to discover its top dapps. Most importantly, this will bring more transparency to the community.

MOOI Network actively partners with global gaming and entertainment brands to grow its network. Recently, Post Voyager, the developer of MOOI, became an official ecosystem partner of Mythos Foundation, joining top-tier gaming companies such as Animoca Brands and Ubisoft. Additionally, MOOI teams with leading gaming studios in Asia, such as Neopin, a blockchain subsidiary of South Korea’s game publisher Neowiz.

In the long run, MOOI aims to become a first-tier game-tailored ecosystem. It will attract fun and high-quality services to join Web3 and build thriving play-and-own economies using MOOI Network.

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