Monthly DappRadar Update: Faster, Improved Features & New Products

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Optimization and foundations in the first quarter, while new products and updates will come soon

At DappRadar we’ve always prided ourselves on our work ethics, but we’ve not been very great at highlighting those regularly. That’s where this Monthly DappRadar Update comes into play. At the beginning of every month we will give you, our community of developers, gamers, NFT collectors, yield farmers, and everything in between, a thorough update on the things that have been and will be. This way, we want to share our building process with you and put DappRadar on your RADAR. 

At DappRadar we’re building the world’s dapp store, and right now we’re laying the groundwork for an infrastructure that can support the foundation of the involvement of our community. You might have seen that we’ve open-sourced various aspects of our platform through Github. Community members can contribute by flagging scam tokens, adding NFT collections, or providing dapp tools to the wider community. However, there’s no system that rewards users for their efforts. The foundation we’re building will pave the way for something we call contribute-to-earn, rewarding those who help make the world’s dapp store.

The latest improvements, updates and new features

When we started the calendar year, we dedicated lots of time and development resources to improving our infrastructure. You will have noticed that the loading times on your Portfolio have decreased tremendously. Profiles that first couldn’t load because they contained too many NFTs, now load within seconds. Not only did we optimize our servers, but we’ve also reduced the amount of data required to load visuals of NFTs. This has become a big win for our users, especially those with mobile data packages. Our efforts for optimization will never end, and this is just one example of how we improve our product.

In Q1 2022 we also updated and improved various other aspects of DappRadar:

  • The homepage is now enriched with dapp data. We show the top dapps by unique active wallets, and refresh this data every 15 minutes. 
  • DappRadar from now on can help dapp developers maximize exposure through the referral programs. Find out how on the developer dashboard.
  • The search functionality has been drastically improved. We’d really suggest trying it out. You find the search bar at the top of our page. 
  • From a marketing perspective we’ve introduced POAPs. Join our community, participate in weekly events, and you can claim POAPs. On Friday we do a weekly quiz on Discord with gold, silver and bronze medals. Cool stuff! 

In addition, those of you who follow us on Linkedin will have noticed that we’re on a hiring spree. We’re growing our development and marketing teams in order to build better, faster and communicate with you more clearly. At the same time DappRadar is creating partnerships with some of the most promising blockchain protocols. We started tracking dapps on Optimism and Hedera, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Everscale, Algorand, KardiaChain, Cronos, Fantom, Oasis, and Shiden. Furthermore, we launched a $500,000 developer accelerator program together with Oasis.   

What’s coming in Q2 2022

What many of you are excited about, are the new features we have in our pipeline. We can’t reveal everything yet, and this is just a glimpse of what’s to come in the next quarter. For starters, various existing products will see a huge overhaul. We will transform our rankings and supercharge this key product with all kinds of new features. Think about more metrics, trending dapps, and a tighter integration of the rankings into your portfolio and the dapp product pages. It’s the DappRadar Rankings on steroids, giving users deeper insights, while also integrating the product into the user experience throughout the website. 

We will also upgrade the dapp product pages. On these pages we will introduce special features tailored for gamers, hopefully helping those who are excited about play-to-earn gaming and GameFi. 

We’re not only working on improving existing features, but we will also add new ones to DappRadar. We’ll soon introduce a huge product for NFT enthusiasts, the NFT Collections Explorer. Right now, you can find the latest NFT sales and the most popular NFT collections based on their trading volume, but we don’t offer a proper way to dive deeper into collections yet. This will change. Soon you can check out entire collections, jump into their metadata, follow and analyze them. DappRadar will launch the NFT Collections Explorer to help you discover, analyze, and track. 

What’s the cherry on the cake? We’re working on a native app for iOS and Android. In the app users can engage with the most popular and personal elements of the DappRadar website. Stay tuned for more info! 

What about RADAR?

Now you might wonder, what about the RADAR token? Everybody who holds 5,000 RADAR tokens in their wallet and connects that wallet to DappRadar, unlocks DappRadar PRO. This enhanced version of DappRadar gives users more detailed information, and most of the products we release will offer at least one benefit to PRO users. 

From within our community we get a lot of questions about ‘when moon’ and ‘when Binance’. Even though we’re talking to the leading exchanges on listing the token of the world’s dapp store, we can’t comment on when that might happen. We recognize the need for liquidity, and we’re working hard to create more opportunities for people to get their hands on RADAR. The community now gets to vote on a proposal to bring RADAR to Polygon and BNB Chain. They also get to vote on introducing single token staking. At the same time DappRadar is building an advanced Staking Dashboard to give you a multichain overview of all the staking options for your RADAR tokens. 

Where the first quarter of 2022 was about laying the technical foundation for our road ahead, the second quarter will be about paving the way. The road ahead is an exciting one for DappRadar and our community. There’s so much more to tell, and we will reveal more when we’re ready. Join us and participate in building the world’s dapp store, because it’s time to put DappRadar on your RADAR! 

If you want to participate in shaping the world’s dapp store, join us on Discord and sign up to our forum. We will welcome you with open arms! Join us Tuesday April 12th at 5PM UTC on Discord for the first DappRadar Community Call. During this monthly event the DappRadar team will reveal their plans moving forward, while the community can ask questions. 

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