Mobox Teases New Gameplay and Moland Defense Season 4

Mobox Teases New Gameplay and Moland Defense Season 4
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Players will soon be able to catch wild MOMOs

BNB Chain’s hit game Mobox NFT Farmer has teased a completely new gameplay feature and its Moland Defense season 4 updates. In a rather vague tweet, the Mobox team urges players to keep their eyes peeled for new ways to catch MOMO characters in the wild. 


  • Mobox NFT Farmer will introduce new features to the main gameplay, including a chance for players to catch wild MOMOs
  • The Moland Defense season 4 update brought improved ranking attributes as well as a completely new Defender character
  • The farming platform still leads the gaming sector on BNB Chain, with increased activity in the past 24 hours

Mobox gameplay updates

Mobox has had a stellar 2022 so far, with the launch of the MOMOVerse. However, it seems the team is dead set on bringing even more features to players. In a teaser tweet from earlier today, the team announced that players would soon be able to catch MOMO characters in the wild. 

The teaser promo reveals that players will need to aim their shot and pick just the right moment to have the best chance of catching the wild MOMOs. The mechanic resembles Pokemon-style gameplay but is customized to fit the MOMOVerse theme. 

Molar Defense season 4

Aside from exciting upcoming features, the team has been hard at work preparing the Molar Defense season 4 updates. The list of new features and improvements is not long, but there are some exciting new appearances on it. For example, a completely new Defender will be added to the ranks in season 4. 

Additionally, the Mobox team has introduced minor adjustments and fixes to resource and material consumption. Adjustments were also introduced to some of the rewards mechanics in the game, precisely first pass rewards for ​​Legion Instance. 

Mobox leads the way

The exciting updates Mobox is rolling out have also positively affected activity and user count for the game. In the past 24 hours, the game attracted 1,900% more unique active wallets, boosting the total to over 84,000. Moreover, transactions processed by the game’s smart contracts also shot up by over 1,000% reaching over 124,000. 

The positive effect for the NFT farming game is also not a one-day wonder. Mobox boosted the number of unique active wallets connected to the game by more than 18% in the past seven days, smashing the 100,000 mark. 

Additionally, Mobox is steadily topping the charts when it comes to gaming on BNB Chain. According to the DappRadar Top BNB Chain Games ranking, Mobox leads the way with more than double the number of unique active wallets connected in the past week. SecondLive is fittingly ranked second, with just under 50,000 wallets registered. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Mobox gaming universe as players eagerly await new gameplay releases. If you want to learn more about Mobox, check out the game’s official dapp page. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter and stay tuned to our weekly Top 10 Games charts to get the most up-to-date games news. 

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