MOBOX Players Ecstatic with Binance Launchpool Announcement

Unique active wallets surge 170% overnight

MOBOX, the BSC NFT farming game, has seen a significant uptick in unique active wallets in the past 24 hours. One of the main drivers for this increased activity is MOBOX’s official introduction to Binance Launchpool. The game attracted 170% more users, boosting the total number of visitors to over 28,900. 

Binance Launchpool is a booster opportunity for MOBOX, as it will allow users to stake their MBOX tokens. Users will be able to stake their BNB, MBOX, and BUSD into separate pools to farm MBOX tokens over 30 days. Additionally, as one of the largest initiatives put forward by the Binance ecosystem, MBOX’s introduction to the Launchpool will significantly boost exposure for users who are not yet familiar with the NFT game.  


Another important factor in the recent surge in users on MOBOX is the series of raffle events the platform announced. Raffles include unique MOMO NFTs as rewards. As the deadline for signing up for the raffles approaches more users are interacting with the platform. With only a couple of days left, players are looking for a chance to win a unique NFT character. 

DappRadar shows that activity on the MOBOX platform has been steadily rising in the past several days. However, the past 24 hours saw the biggest spike across all metrics. 

MBOX token sees positive effect as well

Another important event for MOBOX enthusiasts was the launch of the native MBOX token on Binance Launchpool. Combined with the overall rise of activity on the platform, MBOX gained more than 50% in valuation. 

The token was steadily circling around $2 in valuation for the past seven days, but since yesterday, MBOX has hit an all-time high of $5.47. According to CoinGecko data, at the time of writing, MBOX’s price stood at $4.51. 

Source: CoinGecko

MBOX’s price action is also tied with the recent NFT raffle, as players need MBOX tokens to enter the raffle. 

If you’re curious to try your luck in winning an exclusive MOMO NFT, you can easily swap between BNB and MBOX with DappRadar’s Token Swap service. Just connect your Metamask wallet, and in no time, you’ll be able to enter your name in the latest MOBOX raffle. 

GameFi with MOBOX

MOBOX is one of the most popular Binance Smart Chain play-to-earn platforms. Centered around the MOMO NFT characters, the platform allows farmers to play and earn MBOX tokens as rewards for their efforts. 

According to the official documentation for the game, MOBOX aims to create a diverse, self-governing play-to-earn opportunity. Bringing decentralized finance and NFTs into the same platform, MOBOX pioneers in pushing the GameFi movement forward. 

MOBOX ranks third among gaming platforms on BSC and fifth across all chains monitored by DappRadar. We will continue tracking MOBOX as the platform further revolutionizes the blockchain space and brings utility to NFTs and DeFi simultaneously. 

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