Mobox Attracts 142% More Users with New Chainz Arena Season

Mobox Attracts 142% More Users with New Chainz Arena Season

Season 1 of the Mobox edition of Chainz Arena boosted activity on the platform

Hit Binance Smart Chain game Mobox has seen a tremendous performance in the past 24 hours, boosting its user base by more than 142%. This push happened thanks to the start of a new Chainz Arena season. Since yesterday, more than 12.500 unique active wallets have connected to the gaming platform. 

The launch of Chainz Arena Mobox Edition Season 1 was much anticipated by the Mobox community. In order to celebrate the launch, the Mobox team decided to provide an additional 1,000,000 MBOX tokens to the initial pool reward. This further boosted excitement among gamers, who consequently flocked to try out the new season. 

In the past 24 hours, Mobox recorded impressive performance stats across the board. Aside from boosting its active users, the platform also saw the number of processed transactions jump more than 66%. This, in turn, pushed the trading volume going through Mobox to close to $400.000 in the past 24 hours alone. 

What is Chainz Arena Mobox Edition?

Chainz Arena is a card trading and battling game that allows players to create custom decks and face opponents to win rewards. In this Season 1 Edition of Chainz Arena on Mobox, the developers introduce important improvements and upgrades. 

Chainz Arena has been a part of the Momoverse for quite some time now, however, the new season brings important changes to rewards. Starting on January 25th, Season 1 Chainz Arena players will receive MOMO coupons for playing. Every 1 MBOX consumed in Chainz Arena will bring players a 0.15 MBOX coupon reward. Cupons will be credited to the players in the next season. 

Additionally, the new season also brings new characters to Chainz Arena. Nine new hero characters will be available for players to chose from in Season 1. Among them, gamers will find impressive names like Jungle Goddes and Guard Leo.

To find out more about Mobox and Chainz Arena, visit its official DappRadar page. Additionally, you can check out the official announcement for Chainz Arena Mobox Edition Season 1 here

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