Mobile-Friendly Game Dapps Gain Traction Amidst Dropping User Numbers

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Galaxy Blocks, Jelly Squish, Arc8, and Crazy Defense Heroes all witnessed a boost in activity last week

Last week, the blockchain gaming sector performed slightly underwhelming, with overall active users falling by 11%. However, several games that offer native mobile apps have seen increased users and transactions due to their excellent gaming experience. Galaxy Blocks, Jelly Squish, Arc8, and Crazy Defense Heroes are among those which achieved such growth.

Amidst dropping user numbers in the wider blockchain gaming sector, mobile game dapps like Galaxy Blocks, Arc8 and Crazy Defense Heroes saw growth. The mobile-friendly gaming dapps have seen their numbers in unique active wallets and transactions increase week-over-week, moving against the general market trend.

In the second week of March, compared to the bumpy trend lines of major cryptocurrencies, blockchain gaming had a relatively steady performance. According to DappRadar’s Industry Overview 7-day data, from March 7 to March 14, the total number of unique active wallets (UAW) interacting with the smart contracts dropped from 1.8 million to 1.6 million, decreasing by around 11%. However, the average number of daily UAW fell by 13% in February, revealed in the DappRadar x BGA Games Report. So hopefully, we can see some rebound in the numbers in the gaming sector this month. 

Despite the overall decline in user activity in blockchain gaming, we still witnessed some mobile-friendly game dapps gain positive growth in the past seven days. They are Galaxy Blocks and Jelly Squish on ThunderCore, Arc8, and Crazy Defense Heroes. Notably, they all have one feature in common: they all provide native versions of mobile apps that users can download from app stores directly. Now let’s dive into the data and their product attributes to find out more details. 

ThunderCore dapps: Galaxy Blocks & Jelly Squish 

ThunderCore creates a blockchain ecosystem for various dapps, ranging from DeFi to games. To fully experience the gaming platform by ThunderCore, users can download the ThunderCore Hub mobile application for the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Galaxy Blocks grew user base by 40%

Galaxy Blocks is one of the most popular games on the ThunderCore blockchain. The tutorial page below explains the gameplay better than any lengthy description — it’s Tetris on the blockchain!

Well, if you think you are a Tetris master and can manage to win all the way, this might not be the case. The control of the game is slightly different from Tetris. For example, blocks don’t fall in Galaxy Blocks. They stay where you put them, and you can not change the direction of the block. It is a game that requires a good capability of space visualization.

​​Galaxy Blocks managed an impressive triple-aspect growth with a 41.28% increase in users, 20.16% in transactions, and 20.96% in volume. As of the time of the writing, the Galaxy Blocks dapp had 48,135 UAWs interact with its smart contracts in the past seven days.

Jelly Squish saw users increase by 26.81%

Jelly Squish is another winner on the ThunderCore blockchain. Colorful and fun to play, Jelly Squish is a CandyCrush-like game. Match-3 games are one of the mobile gamers’ favorites, not to mention that Jelly Squish also allows players to earn ThunderCore’s native TT tokens as rewards. The charm of this type of game is needless to say, and Jelly Squish’s data performance is the best proof.

Jelly Squish also recorded a triple-aspect growth data performance, with users increased by 26.81%, transactions by 17.94%, and volume 21.27%. In the past seven days, 30133 unique wallets interacted with the game.

Arc8 had a significant 56.28% increase in transactions

Arc8 is a blockchain gaming dapp where Esports meets crypto gaming. Powered by Animoca Brands’ GAMEE ecosystem, Arc8 allows players to choose games from its platform to play against other players and win rewards. There are two types of contests, 1v1 matches, and tournaments. Since launched last autumn, over 5 million games have been played, and the number is constantly increasing mobile entertainment.

In the past seven days, 34,419 unique users interacted with Arc8 smart contract, registering a 19.51% increase in user numbers. Moreover, the number of transactions has doubled during the period of time, reaching 467,062 with a significant 56.28% increase.  

Crazy Defense Heroes achieved over 1 million transactions

Crazy Defense Heroes is Animoca Brands’ tower defense game with play-to-earn mechanics. In the game, a player can defend against enemies across four difficulty modes, which are Normal, Hard, Crazy, Nightmare. Moreover, a wide variety of heroes, spells, towers, and equipment will be at your choice to level up your skills to win bigger rewards.

Without any doubt, Crazy Defense Heroes’s fans are crazy about this game. 175,536 unique players visited the game in the past seven days, making over 1 million transactions on the platform. In terms of change ratio, the game recorded a 9.91% growth in users and a 24.91% increase in transitions. It is worth noticing that many traditional mobile games have failed to achieve such excellent data performance, let alone the fact that blockchain gaming is still nascent. 

Closing thoughts

According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the global gaming market was valued at $198.40 billion in 2021. On contrary, the NFT gaming market in 2021 reached just over $4 billion. Although blockchain gaming is still in its infancy compared to the traditional gaming segment, it is undeniable the growth potential of blockchain gaming is staggering. For example, in the past twelve months, the number of active wallets in the blockchain gaming sector has grown more than 15 times. DappRadar will keep tracking the performance of gaming dapps across various blockchains. For more intuitive real-time insights into the blockchain gaming sector, check out the Top Blockchain Games on DappRadar.

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