MLB Pack Sales Boost Wax Trading To Record Heights

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48,800 active wallets on Atomic marketplace

The newly released MLB digital collectibles caused a surge in trading activity on the Wax blockchain. Atomic Market has seen an increase of 41% in active users, compared with the day before, reaching a record 48,800 active user wallets.

According to the DappRadar NFT Overview, Topps MLB has already become one of the biggest NFT collections. In the past 24 hours there have been 10,905 traders conducting more than 32 thousand sales. This has generated a total trading volume of $1,11 million on Wax, placing the MLB above other sports-related NFT collections like NBA Top Shot and Sorare.

Major League Baseball, or MLB, has been at the forefront of the trading card industry in the United States for many decades. Trading card company Topps has been a major player in this industry. Topps and Wax now launched the MLB Baseball 2021 Series 1 collection. Most likely more series and seasons will follow in the coming months and years. 

The success of the MLB sale doesn’t only reflect in this particular NFT collection, but can also be seen on NFT marketplaces. Atomic Hub, the biggest marketplace in the Wax ecosystem, recorded $1,88 million in sales on the secondary market yesterday. That makes it one of their biggest trading days since their launch last year.

Source: AtomicHub

Strong growth on Wax blockchain

In the past month the Wax blockchain has gone through an incredible transformation. The blockchain now offers one of the most active ecosystems in terms of user wallets. The space exploration and mining game Alien Worlds is the most used dapp in the entire blockchain ecosystem. 

However, the growth on Wax doesn’t come from Alien Worlds alone. Trading activity through the Atomic marketplace has increased significantly as well. With 819,000 lifetime sales Alien Worlds is a clear leader, but projects like KOGs and Street Fighter also boost hundreds of thousands of trades. With 59,426 trades Topps MLB NFTs is already in the top ten most active collections. 

In addition gaming projects like Uplift World, R-Planet and Dark Country, seem to generate significant interest in the Wax ecosystem. These gaming projects indicate that NFTs on the Wax blockchain are becoming more than mere collectibles.

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