Metaverse Motors to Make Debut in Upland: Get Ready to Zoom

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Metaverse Motors adds a new layer to Upland’s economy

The highly anticipated Car NFTs from Upland’s Metaverse Motors has finally landed in the metaverse. Alongside the arrival of cars, are a brand-new set of features that unlock new possibilities for players to monetize assets and create more engaging experiences. More importantly, the new manufacturing process introduces critical infrastructure that adds a new layer of economy to the current ecosystem. 


  • Upland is a play-and-earn metaverse platform that sits firmly at the top of the EOS dapp leaderboard.
  • Impressively, Upland has witnessed a 546% YoY increase in registered users.
  • Lately, it officially launched the long-awaited NFT cars powered by the NFT manufacturing process. 
  • Currently, Upland enjoys a community with over 250,000 virtual landowners generating 8 million transactions over the past 30 days.

Upland, the leading metaverse dapp on EOS, has witnessed a 546% year-over-year increase in registered users. Since its inception in 2019, Upland has transformed from a Monopoly-like game into a vibrant metaverse ecosystem. 

Upland stands out among all the metaverse games for being the largest based on real-world geolocations. Moreover, Upland leverages non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to grant players ownership over their in-game assets, ensuring that digital properties hold fiat value, just like those in the real world. 

Approaching the second half of 2022, Upland has made solid advancements towards building an extensive metaverse. Those milestones include introducing new cities to the ecosystem, expansions for Metaventures (Player-Owned Businesses), and setting the stage for a new layer of the play-and-earn economy that comes with Metaverse Motors. 

Metaverse Motors adds a new layer of economy to Upland

The future Upland metaverse will become a more interconnected, easy-to-explore, and immersive one, thanks to the transportation system. 

Before the transportation system comes into service, Uplanders will need some cars; which of course, are NFTs. For this, Upland has launched their own native automobile brand, Metaverse Motors, to provide users with a wide range of car selections, each with different traits and utility. But, most importantly, Upland invites the community to support its “local economy”, meaning that Metaverse Motors will be locally “manufactured” within Upland.

In Q2 this year, Uplanders finally can see the long-awaited deployment of the very first manufacturing plant in Santa Clara, CA. Moreover, it also serves as the headquarters of Metaverse Motors.

Why is NFT manufacturing important to Upland?

Manufacturing plays a critical part in the business infrastructure of the Upland metaverse. As introduced in a previous article, part of Upland’s economy centers around Metaventures, player-owned and operated shops within the Upland metaverse. The gameplay requires entrepreneurs to build their business empires from the ground up in a fun way unique to Upland’s web3 environment.  

With that background in mind, the importance of manufacturing clarifies itself. So manufacturing will provide the bedrock for all Metaventures, such as outdoor decor and structure ornaments. 

The launch of car manufacturing unveils a new chapter of Upland’s economy. A metaverse automobile industry that is on the rise. In addition, the launch of NFT manufacturing is a huge step forward in empowering and diversifying the Upland ecosystem.

Upland’s ecosystem continues to expand and thrive

Currently, over 250,000 virtual landowners from all around the world are building their dream spaces and businesses in Upland’s metaverse. In addition, over 3 million NFTs have found their owners.

According to DappRadar, Upland has registered over 8 million transactions over the past 30 days, with user activities evenly spreading over the period. This means Upland has successfully established a sustainable ecosystem that appeals to users constantly. 

Upland Metaverse Motors DappRadar

Moving into the web3 era, Upland adheres to building an open and community-centric economy that allows players, developers, and brands to manufacture goods, craft unique experiences, monetize assets, and build utility NFTs. In Upland, users can play, earn, connect, and most importantly, reshape the paradigm of future digital commerce. 

On June 16, Upland joined DappRadar to have an exciting conversation about its ever-expanding digital economy and what the future holds for Upland. The video record is as follows.

More exciting new features are coming to Upland’s metaverse. Find out more about Upland: on Twitter or Discord. Upland also maintains a presence on Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Telegram.

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