Metastrike Brings Play-to-Earn tо First Person Shooters

Metastrike Brings Play-to-Earn tо First Person Shooters
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Launching on January 27th!

Hype is building up for the upcoming play-to-earn first person shooter game Metastrike. Designed after classic FPS games like Counterstrike and Call of Duty, Metastrike promises to bring virtual reality and play-to-earn mechanics to the beloved gaming genre. 

Built on Binance Smart Chain, Metastrike incorporates numerous aspects of blockchain technology. In-game items like weapons, shields, and ammunition are all issued as NFTs. This allows for proven ownership and easy trading on the in-game marketplace. Additionally, the game introduces play-to-earn mechanics, rewarding players in cryptocurrency for completing tasks or winning contests. 

Metastrike relies on an in-game, dual token economy with the MTS and MTT tokens. MTS is the platform’s governance token, allowing players to determine the game’s future. On the other hand, MTT is the in-game currency and rewards token, facilitating the play-to-earn element on Metastrike. 

Overall, the game sets the bar high, aiming to create the ultimate first-person shooter experience on the blockchain. Additionally, the team behind this FPS wonder also focuses heavily on the games’ virtual experience and metaverse side. 

The Metastrike virtual experience

Aside from introducing elements like NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics, Metastrike also dives into the possibilities virtual reality and the metaverse have to offer. Both the player-vs-player and the player-vs-environment modes will support virtual reality headsets, allowing players to fully immerse themselves into the action. 

Additionally, Metastrike takes the concept of virtual land a step further, allowing players to create custom maps. These maps can feature a wide range of objects (all available as NFTs on the marketplace). Not only that, players can rent out their maps and create challenges on them, bringing passive income in MTT tokens. 

Considering the vast portfolio of functionalities and exciting gameplay, this project has caught the attention of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike. While at the moment, players can only guess what to expect based on teaser videos, it seems like Metastrike is well-positioned to be the next big hit in blockchain gaming.

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