MetaMask Rolls Out Trezor EIP-712 Supoprt

MetaMask Rolls Out Trezor EIP-712 Supoprt

The update will boost performance on NFT marketplaces for Trezor users

MetaMask, arguably the most popular hot wallet service right now, has rolled out an important update allowing Trezor users to interact with secondary markets. With the new EIP-712 support for Trezor, NFT collectors will be able to list, buy, and trade NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare by connecting their wallets to the MetaMask browser extension. 

Hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger are often a preferred choice for NFT collectors and crypto traders alike. They offer unmatched security, and this is the main benefit. However, web3 applications are not as easily accessible with a hardware wallet. Users have to connect their hardware devices to a hot wallet like MetaMask in order to interact with dapps and services like OpenSea and LooksRare. 

The newly-announced integration of EIP-712 support for Trezor owners will allow them to directly use the NFTs in their wallet, without having to transfer them to a hot wallet first. This is a significant improvement that brings a higher level of ease-of-use for Trezor owners. 

According to the official announcement, Chrome and Firefox users can already benefit from the update. The update will be rolled out to the extension for alternative browsers in due course. 

MetaMask faces backlash over geolocation blocks

While the Trezor EIP-712 support is a step in the right direction for MetaMask, the project is facing backlash on social media. The reason for that is a recent geoblock for users in certain countries. According to MetaMask users on Twitter, people in the United States and Venezuela, for example, did not have access to functionalities on MetaMask yesterday. 

According to official statements from both MetaMask and toolkit provider Infura, the geoblock configuration was mistakenly set for a larger region than intended. The block was necessary as the United States introduced new sanctions. This forced MetaMask to restrict users from this location to access the service. Unfortunately, the misconfiguration affected users in other countries as well. 

The mistake pushed forward concerns over the centralized nature of the MetaMask wallet. Decentralization is a key element in the blockchain space. While MetaMask is among the most popular hot wallets, it’s still a centralized service. 

After negative comments started surfacing on Twitter, Infura quickly got to solving the problem. According to the official statement, the misconfiguration has now been fixed. Users in the areas that were unintentionally affected now have access to MetaMask services. 

MetaMask is an important service in the crypto space. It will continue drawing in users thanks to updates like the recently rolled out Trezor NFT support. While bugs and problems happen, this remains one of the most popular hot wallets out there. You can use your MetaMask wallet to log in to DappRadar, for example. If you want to learn more about MetaMask and the services it offers, check out this guide. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest crypto news first.

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