What is MetaMask? The blockchain wallet explained

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Learn more about the blockchain wallet

You can’t send and receive blockchain-based transactions without a compatible blockchain wallet and In the digital world of crypto, owning a wallet is necessary. And it won’t cost you a dime to get started. 

A wallet, just like your traditional leather wallet, in blockchain terms, is an interface that allows you to store your private key and interact with multiple digital ledgers depending on the wallet type. 

Each public blockchain has its wallet, and MetaMask is native to Ethereum, supporting the storage of ETH and its tokens. It’s like a bridge, bringing the Ethereum blockchain closer to users through browsers. Here, one can access/launch Ethereum dapps

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MetaMask is a browser wallet that connects the user to the Ethereum blockchain. The objective of its creators was to make ETH transactions simple and as intuitive as possible. Through MetaMask, one can also interact and use Ethereum dapps

Since their overall goal is to promote adoption, MetaMask is self-hosted and its plugin is available for different browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Brave. 

It is also non-custodial meaning a user has full control of his/her funds. Moreover, MetaMask has a security vault that keeps your identity secure, allowing the end-user to interact with Ethereum from different browsers, and sign off transactions.

Here is how to install MetaMask on your Chrome browser

  1. Visit MetaMask’s official site, head to Chrome’s official store, and click “Get Chrome Extension”. 
  2. Follow the link, click “Add to Chrome”, to add the extension, and install the MetaMask plugin. Once ready you will be redirected to a new tab.
  3. To get started, you can either “Import Wallet”—applies for those who had MetaMask wallets before, or “Create Wallet” for those who want to create a new wallet. To create a new one, click on this button.
  4. On the “Help Us Improve MetaMask”, click on agree to grant permission to MetaMask.
  5. Create a new password
  6. Next, back up your seed phrases. You’ll use these phrases to recover your wallet in case of loss. Jot down these keywords on a piece of paper, and store them safely.
  7. Click “All Done” to conclude the process.
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It’s as simple as that

To receive funds from an external account, click “Receive” on the main window. You can copy your public address or scan the QR code to start the transaction. 

You can also connect your MetaMask to a hard wallet like Ledger or to another web or desktop wallet. With a MetaMask blockchain wallet you can deposit ETH to any Ethereum dapp and receive tokens from dapps all from the comfort of your browser.

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