MetaMask Mobile Gets an Overhaul and ApplePay Fiat On-Ramp

When dark mode? Now dark mode!

MetaMask Mobile v4.3.1 has gone live today with some long-awaited updates, including one of the most requested features, dark mode. Most notable is that users of the leading blockchain wallet can now purchase cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay through a SendWyre integration alongside more transparency when interacting with sites and further support for gasless transactions. 


  • MetaMask Mobile v4.3.1 has gone live today.
  • Users can now use ApplePay to purchase cryptocurrencies through Visa MasterCard credit card support thanks to SendWyre.
  • Increased transparency when interacting with dapps and smart contracts 
  • Dark mode has been added by popular demand 

Although it may sound primitive, one of the most requested features from the MetaMask community has finally arrived, dark mode. Ironically, iOS devices recently rolled out app support for its light shift technology, which fundamentally applies dark mode to a device and the apps running on it.

However, the big news here is now, in addition to debit card support, MetaMask Mobile has Visa MasterCard credit card support thanks to SendWyre.This opens up Apple Pay for use on iOS devices.  

Safety first 

When a MetaMask user connects to a dapp it allows that dapp to do two things. Firstly, see your wallet address, and secondly, ask you to confirm and send a transaction from that address. The same applies when you swap, mint, sell, stake, and farm in dapps. When tokens need to be moved by a contract to facilitate action, a user must first approve that address to access or move those tokens. 

Users can allow 1 token or an infinite amount of tokens to be moved by a specified address. To make life easier and save on repeated transaction fees, it’s common to use an endless amount so that you don’t need to approve and pay repeatedly. But, this means that the address you said could move infinite amounts of your tokens…could now actually move unlimited amounts of your tokens, despite you wanting only to move a small portion. 

However, unless instructed by a user to do so, they don’t. But they still hold that power, and if they are malicious or the contract is changed to be malicious, they could.

How does the update help? 

Now, when a dapp requests a MetaMask user to grant access they will clearly see which contract is requesting it and have the further option to label the contract so as to recognize it better next time. 

Furthermore, whilst disconnecting your wallet from a dapp is good practice it will not protect you from the above. This can only be done by revoking access to a contract. Until MetaMask incorporates token revocation directly into their wallet you can see, adjust, and revoke your allowances on Etherscan and a number of other platforms. 

On a separate note, it is worth setting up different MetaMask wallets for different actions. I.e one wallet for HODLING, one for trading. This way you can take more steps to ensure your security by only having tokens in the trading wallet that you wish to use immediately. 

If this all sounds long-winded and complex, let’s be real, it is. However, taking full control of your finances is a mammoth task when there are no middlemen around to make you feel safe and come to your rescue should you make a mistake things can get a bit scary. Ultimately, if you want to be your own bank, you also have to be the security guard, compliance officer, and everything else that goes with it. But in this writer’s opinion, that’s a small price to pay for financial sovereignty. 

Going gasless

Don’t get too excited; MetaMask hasn’t removed gas fees. Instead, the update supports users when a network may allow for gasless transactions, for example, private blockchains, or when a project or protocol pays for the gas on your behalf. MetaMask Mobile now supports these types of transactions.

As always, remember never to share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone. MetaMask will never request it for anything, ever. To see all these updates in action, update your MetaMask Mobile to v4.3.1, and stay safe out there. 

The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. The writer holds positions in various cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and RADAR.

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