What is MetaCene, the Web3-infused MMORPG Ecosystem

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Empowering gamers with their own digital identities, game items and a stake in the gaming world

MetaCene is building a next generation blockchain-powered MMORPG ecosystem. In this gaming universe players will find a surreal post-apocalyptic society where survivors interact with NFT to define new civilizations. MetaCene combines player-centric entertainment, governance, social guilds and DAOs, economic systems and of course PVE and PVP gameplay. 

In this deepdive we take a look at MetaCene, an MMORPG infused with unique blockchain elements. Moreover, MetaCene embraces cutting edge technology by also utilizing artificial intelligence and player-owned and governed economies. In this article we take a look at everything this gaming ecosystem has to offer. 

What is MetaCene? 

MetaCene is a next generation MMORPG ecosystem set in a post-apocalyptic society. Players will utilize NFTs, crypto tokens and all kinds of blockchain mechanics, while the gaming metaverse is powered by AI technology as well. Players can join in all kinds of activities, ranging from questing to farming and resource gathering. Moreover, MetaCene will embrace both PVE and PVP gameplay, ensuring that the game can become home to all kinds of players. 

The team behind MetaCene

MetaCene is being developed by Pengu Software. The team members have a background in the games industry, working in leading positions at Shanda Games, Perfect World, Blizzard Entertainment and others. The team also has deep knowledge about and experience with the Chinese MMO market. MetaCene is incubated by MixMarvel DAO Venture. 


MetaCene raised $10 million through a Private A funding round. The funding road was led by blockchain investment firms like Folius Ventures, SevenX Ventures and various industry heavyweights like Spartan Group, Mantle Network, Animoca Ventures. Longling Capital, Comma3 Ventures, IGG and more. 

On which blockchain does MetaCene operate? 

MetaCene does not limit itself to one blockchain, and has the ambition to embrace and attract players through various integrations. MetaCene operates on the Rangers blockchain, but also has its Apostle NFT collection on Ethereum. The team expects a multi-chain future with real-time confirmations and super low gas fees. 

MetaCene gameplay has three pillars

MetaCene wants to offer something for everybody, and therefore its gameplay comes in 3 distinct types: 

Innovative PVE

PVE in MetaCene is all about the storyline and the game world. Players can move into the open world, complete quests and unravel the story through their adventures. Or they can dive into dungeons for top tier loot, and bigger challenges. Dungeons will be generated like a roguelite game, enabling more complexity and replayability. 

Land management

We can consider land management as a part of the PVE gameplay, but it deserves its own segment. Players can purchase a piece of land and build their own real estate. Then they can create a marketplace for resources, create and sell unique avatars, or simply allow people to engage in everyday activities like fishing and planting. 

PVP action

In MetaCene there will be 2 types of PVP action: cooperation and confrontation. Players can join a guild, make new friends and battle for glory together. But of course the confrontational part of the PVP combat is where things get really interesting. Players can battle in solo 1v1 combat, or team up in guilds for Guild vs Guild gameplay. MetaCene will even embrace 1000-player MMO raids.

Mining explained

Mining is an integral part of the MetaCene gameplay, and it connects directly to leveling up and discovering the game world. Players can roam the lands of MetaCene and discover mining districts. These mining districts come in different levels. Big rewards come with higher risks. Low level safe districts are quite peaceful, while mid-level Danger Districts come with PVE enemies. In the high-level Relic Districts players compete with each other. 

To assist players in mining and obtaining minerals, there are mining machines from low level to high with various mining efficiencies. Free mining machines are available to all new players, while the more advanced mining machines with higher mining power are not and need to be protected from bosses and other teams by players leveling up for better weapons.

Social and financial status through DAOs

Social interaction and competition are core to the values of MetaCene. Players compete and work together to find resources, gather items and earn glory. MetaCene will allow players to hire other players to participate in game activities, all powered by smart contracts. This means players can hire others to battle alongside them, or to farm resources. 

Players are no longer consumers, but more producers and co-builders. They can jointly build the economic system in the game by participating in voting on important issues by staking governance tokens and participating in DAOs. They can also earn incomes through labor, generate more means of production, conduct open trading in the market, and improve their social status by attaining virtual assets.

Which NFT collections are there? 

MetaCene has a variety of NFT collections, and more will follow in the months and years to come. We highlight these three collections:

  1. MetaCene Apostle NFT collection (MAN) – 500 pieces of the most honorable contributors
  2. Cece Cube NFT collection – 2,997 pieces and part of the NFTfi ecosystem of MetaCene
  3. Realms NFT collection (TBD) – Realms will allow players to create their own worlds

MAN token and revenue share

MetaCene has the MAN token as a utility and governance NFT. MAN token or Apostle NFT holders who meet certain requirements will receive and share 10% of the revenue from in-game purchases. 
In addition, by staking Apostle NFTs guilds can unlock a special Guild Boss. Through these battles players can earn advanced rewards. 

Two cryptocurrencies inside MetaCene

Players will discover 2 currencies inside MetaCene. 

MUD token

  • Used to create or craft weapons and other NFT items
  • Smart contract: 0x3D28AE971e855c9857a30eCE42685603E2973444

tMAK token

  • Earned through gameplay in the alpha tests, and a credential for MAK token airdrops.
  • tMAK:0x228Df13ae940D3527e03CF25A0C5BBf498FE1a12

How to earn in MetaCene

MetaCene isn’t an MMO like others, as it allows players different ways to create value and earn from the time spent in the game. Let us list a few here: 

  1. Players can offer services to other players, and agree through an on-chain smart contract. 
  2. Players can farm resources and sell those on the open market. The earned coins can then be sold for other currencies. 
  3. Players can find or craft rare game items, which may become valuable over time. These can also be sold on the open marketplace. 
  4. Players can stake their Apostle NFTs on a server they play on, to earn a revenue share and various other rewards. 

User generated content

MetaCene wants to let players shape the game world, and invites players to participate in Play & Create activities. For example, they can gather resources and synthesize weapons themselves, or create consumables to upgrade low-level equipment or optimize high-level ones. 

Realms NFTs and servers explained

The Realms NFT collection directly impacts the MetaCene server system. Realm NFT holders are at the foundation of co-creation in the MetaCene ecosystem. Each server for the game is composed of various Realm NFTs. By staking these in a public pool, players will earn MAK token rewards, invitation incentives and a revenue share. Users can stake the NFT on a specific server to have a say in its development. When guilds have a 70% stake on a server, it basically becomes a guild-specific server. However, this may require an investment in MAK tokens or various other conditions. 

In these community-controlled servers, distributors will have the ability to introduce special language packs, host regional festivals, and bring forth localized skins, unique assets, and in-game environments, including buildings and constructions, to name just a few. This level of customization promises to elevate the overall player experience, ensuring that every user finds joy and fulfillment within the vast MetaCene universe. However, players can move between servers easily and seamlessly. 

AI content in MetaCene

MetaCene is looking to embrace artificial intelligence in 5 key facets of their projects:

  1. Non-player characters or NPCs will respond intelligently or less predictable to player behavior. 
  2. Game world conditions may adapt dynamically to player decisions. 
  3. AI assistance while playing the game, improving retention and immersion
  4. Dynamic storytelling will allow for the development of a story truly based on player actions.  
  5. And of course, design of for example skins, allowing players to create their own skins powered by AI. 

MetaCene roadmap

In 2023 MetaCene already completed two alpha tests. By the end of Alpha V2 the game had over 5,000 active players, and players enjoyed the MMO up to 4 hours per day. During these tests, 20% of the players made online purchases worth an average of $143 per paying player.

Upcoming milestones on the roadmap will be the following: 

  • Late March 2024 – Alpha Test V3 for both PC and mobile devices
  • March / April – Content creator incubation program 
  • March / April – Realms NFT collection, allowing players to build their own world
  • Late 2024 – Commercial v1.0, including co-creation and co-governance & AI generated content integration

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