Memecoin WUFFI Now on Base and Reached $50 Million Market Cap

memecoin wuffi wuf token base network

Almost 45,000 token holders across WAX, Solana and Base

While many memecoins remain native to one particular chain, WUFFI has expanded to Base, building the WUF pack across three different blockchains while reaching a market cap of over $50 million. WUF is also available across various centralized exchanges, while it’s becoming much more than a memecoin. 

In March, 15% of the supply of WUF was airdropped to BONK holders and Solana Mobile owners on Solana. This meant the first expansion of the next generation memecoin. WUFFI is now also available on Base, while the token is already listed on centralized exchanges MEXC and 

With WUF available across three different chains, the number of unique wallets holding WUF reached almost 45,000. The appeal of WUFFI goes further than just holding the token, which can be seen in the 800,000 followers on X, formerly known as Twitter. Therefore it should not be a surprise that WUF already has a market cap of more than $50 million, which is a major feat for a memecoin. 

WUFFI enthusiasm across the Web3 community

The success of WUF can be felt across the Web3 community. Not only is the token listed on MEXC and, but the token has already been a trending coin multiple times on cryptocurrency websites CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and other DEX data aggregation websites. Pushed forward by its large following on social media, the WUFFI community can also look forward to various new initiatives that will bring even more eyeballs to the doggy memecoin. 

The WUF pack can currently enjoy a promotion with rewards for providing liquidity on BaseSwap. In addition there’s a Galxe campaign where the team distributes $10,000 worth of WUF to wallets holding at least $10 of WUF in their OKX Wallet. Moreover, in a recent announcement they announced that WUF token holders will receive a yet unannounced AAA gaming token. This shows WUFFI has become much more than just a memecoin, as the WUF pack grows in size and enthusiasm. 

Closing words

Memecoins remain memecoins, until they become more than that. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and now also WUFFI is transcending the memecoin status into something that’s a lot richer. Driven by community, incentives, and enthusiasm, the WUF pack is now available across three different chains.

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