Mars4: Own a Piece of the Red Planet

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Mint Mars NFTs and earn MARS tokens

See a virtual version of Mars, acquire land on the Red Planet, and participate in passive income opportunities with Mars4. There’s a reason big entrepreneurs like Elon Musk invest in the planet. 

With Mars4 NFTs, investors can acquire land, invest and develop their land, and earn an income. 

What is Mars4?

Mars4 is an interactive 3D world, where the total area of the Red Planet is divided into plots, each represented by a unique NFT. The platform operates on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to benefit from high transaction processing speeds. Aside from owning a parcel of land on Mars, users also get the opportunity to benefit from their land. In the future, Mars NFTs will be open for staking, and liquidity mining, thus earning passive income to their owners. 

Currently, the team behind the Mars4 project is actively working on finalizing the last VR elements in order to launch as soon as possible. By allowing collectors to experience their NFTs in a 3D environment, Mars4 aims to become one of the leading destinations in the metaverse. 

The developers working on the Mars4 universe are also finalizing smart contract deployment. According to the official roadmap, one of the biggest goals for the platform until the end of 2021, is to set up the game as a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. This will give players the chance to participate in the governance of the platform, deciding on updates and further goals for Mars4.

The idea behind the gameplay on Mars4 is simple – own land, and transform your plots so that Mars becomes the next habitable planet in the Solar System. By competing with other players, users will build and develop their plots, while earning MARS tokens in the process. 

What are MARS tokens?

Mars4 is a virtual world with a dual tokenomics engine. What this means is that the platform relies on two native tokens, performing different functions for players. 

MARS tokens, on the one hand, have a more substantial economic function. It is the official Mars4 currency, which is used to mint NFTs, trade, purchase land plots, and stake to claim rewards. MARS tokens are vital for the successful execution of Mars4’s idea – a passive income source located on the Red Planet.  

Mars non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, represent the plots of land on the planet. Essentially, these NFTs are the collectible value on the platform. Whenever a collector purchases a Mars NFT, their account will be credited with MARS tokens. This means that simply by owning a Mars NFT, you start to earn passive rewards.

 There are a total of 99,888 MARS NFTs, so don’t hesitate and grab yours. In the upcoming weeks, Mars4 will organize several land sales, so stay tuned and don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of Mars. Visit the official website to sign up and start exploring the red, dusty deserts of Mars.

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