Mars4 Introduces New Gameplay to Boost Player Earning Power: the Vehicle NFTs

Mars4 Introduces New Gameplay to Boost Player Ea​​rning Power the Vehicle NFTs
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Players can use vehicle NFT to explore the virtual Mars and earn passive income.

Mars4, a paradigm-shift metaverse game, released Caripen GPRV, a vehicle NFT, to enrich its gameplay. These stylish vehicles assist players in exploring and building wealth on the virtual Mars planet. Notably, these NFTs are not only used as a piece of transportation machinery but also generate income for their owners.


Mar4, a virtual space adventure game based on NASA data, has continued to evolve since its demo version. Players and space enthusiasts love this interactive space survival game, for it offers an immersive journey on a geographically-exact 3D virtual Mars.

To enhance its storyline and gameplay, Mars4 released the Caripen GPRV, a vehicle NFT created for exploring and galloping land plots of the Red Planet. It’s also worth mentioning that these NFTs are not only crucial equipment in games but also generate revenue for their owners.

This article gives you a solid idea of how to get the most out of these fantastic-looking Vehicles.

What is Mars4: an interactive play-to-earn metaverse 

Play-to-earn games have received a lot of criticism for lacking engaging gameplay. Instead, many games are designed to attract speculators to ride the token market cap waves connected to the platforms. 

As a result, players end up monotonously repeating the same task over and over again, which harms the game’s sustainability in the long term. On the other hand, Cryptos and NFTs are powerful instruments, and if used properly, they can benefit players profoundly. 

Mars4 decided to create a genuinely fun game that engages players with well-thought-out gameplay and a play-owned economy powered by NFTs.

The Mars4 game immerses players by allowing them to roam around the vast and magnificent Martian space, thanks to Mars4’s phenomenal visuals. In addition, the game is a great adventure that engages players with various elements such as management, conquer, survival, exploration, and more. 

When developers can provide players with unparalleled base games and then use NFT to enhance playability and player benefits, it will improve users’ experience significantly. Mars4 is one of the excellent examples of how NFTs could be integrated into gaming without jeopardizing the gaming experience.

Check out Mars4 now and embark on a glorious journey. 

But driving around Mars is not the only use case of these four-wheeled monsters! Adventuring by foot on Mars seems too ambitious. So this is where vehicle NFT comes into play.

How to earn with vehicle NFTs in Mars4

All Mars4 NFTs boast multiple utilities, such as crucial in-game equipment and generating income for their owners. As they serve different functions, earning from them also differs. Let’s take an example of one of the most versatile vehicles, NFTs, the Caripen GPRV

The Caripen GPRV is an agile exploration vehicle with ground penetrating radar that can detect the mineral composition of rocks. The Caripen assists the player in mining efficiently and excels at exploring vast environments to find the few rare ores scattered across the Martian surface. 

Mars4 Vehicle NFT

Explore and mine lands to make a profit 

Every land plot NFT has six slots of hidden resources. Some of the resources are common, while others are extremely rare. But, most importantly, all of them are necessary for players to survive on Mars. 

Caripen GPRV can help players to gather these resources. For example, they can use Caripen GPRV to unlock resources on their land plots. Once unlocked, players can later mine and sell the collected resources as NFTs through the in-game market. 

Moreover, players with Caripen GPRV vehicles NFT can exploit resources on other people’s land and earn from there. That means it is a valuable NFT asset for those who do not have land plots themselves.

Go to the Mars4 game, get yourself a Caripen, and start playing now!

Hold vehicle NFTs and earn passive income

If you are not a game enthusiast, don’t worry. Holding any of Mars4’s NFTs generates passive income from the community pool. 

The community pool is a tool to distribute Mars4 income to all NFT holders. Every time Mars4 generates revenue, a part of it goes to the community pool. Landowners can vote on how and when to distribute the pool to NFT holders. 

An in-game measurement called productivity score gauges the amount a user receives from the community pool. Owning a Mars4 vehicle boosts players’ productivity scores and enables them to collect more passive revenue from holding NFTs. 

Go to the Mars4 game, equip yourself with a Caripen, and start playing now!

Trade vehicle NFTs for a premium

As with all NFTs, the price of a vehicle NFTvaries depending on market demand, so there is room for profit. Furthermore, since Mars4 NFTs are limited in supply, as more players join the game, the price of these NFTs will go up due to scarcity. 

In addition, there are fewer vehicles than lands. As a result, many landowners who don’t have Caripen GPRVs will rely on paying others to explore and mine their lands. Alternatively, they can purchase their vehicles from the secondary market, which increases demand. 

A crucial time to start your Mars journey 

Mars4’s game development is progressing steadily according to its roadmap, and the first game demo is already online. Thanks to the excellent production, the project has received enormous support from players, and more than half of the plots NFT have been sold.

Adding Mars4 vehicles NFT opens up many new possibilities in the game and provides the bedrock for future content and improvements. Also, owning a vehicle NFT costs as little as $89. Anyone can join the Mars4 project and become part of its player-driven ecosystem and economy.

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