Mars4 Brings NFTs to the Red Planet

Yield generating system distributes rewards among NFT plot holders

Mars4, an Ethereum-based virtual world focusing around the Red Planet, will launch a pre-sale NFT event towards the end of August. This will give passionate users the opportunity to snatch a MArs NFT land plot first.

Mars4 aims to combine virtual reality, gamification, yield farming,  and NFTs into a single great universe part of the global Metaverse. Not only that, Mars4 NFT owners will be able to shape a piece of the Metaverse in any way they like. Unlike popular virtual worlds like Decentraland for example, Mars4 takes NFT collecting to the next level.

Imagine yourself setting foot on the Red Planet, this magnificent giant out there in space. With Mars4 you might actually get to do that, with detailed 3D mapping available of the whole planet. The development team working on Mars4 decided to rely on NASA’s exact replica of the planet in order to create the NFTs.

Mars4 NFT and DeFi

One of the most notable differentiating characteristics Mars4 possesses is its unique yield generating system. If you own a plot NFT, you’re automatically added to the rewards pool. This is an innovative way of looking into NFTs. Especially their capability to effectively become a part of a DeFi solution.

The Red Planet’s yield generating system allocates a percentage of all other sales and token purchases to NFT plot holder. This seems like a really cool concept of passively earning income while having access to a whole different universe. Not to mention having a kick-ass NFT in your portfolio

In order to further employ the powers of decentralized finance, the platform relies on two native tokens. One dedicated to the limited 99,888 NFTs representing the surface of the planet. Another serves as the economic token for the platform. There is a total supply of 29.9B MARS tokens. They will serve as the rewards token for the virtual world, and for the yield generating system. 

Players will also be able to purchase MARS tokens in order to buy NFTs, certificates, avatars, logos & other in-game assets in Virtual Mars. The MARS token is an essential part of the Mars4 gameplay and ecosystem. It ensures that players receive the benefits they signed up for, as well as the stability of the whole economic aspect of the game. 

Mars Plot NFTs

Plot NFTs are the most important element of the Red Planet virtual world. They allow players to completely submerge themselves in the atmosphere of the space. Not only that, this is one of the main ways to participate in the GameFi yield farming aspect of the game. This revenue-generating NFT model is a revolution in the collectibles and DeFi spaces alike. 

It’s important to note that there is a limited supply of these unique plots of land. The project only has a total of 99 888 plots, with one going for 99,888 MARS tokens. So far, 8616 plots have already been reserved. Grab yours today before time runs out!

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