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Combine mobile esports, gaming and play-to-earn with Win’s SDK and two lines of code redefines play-to-earn by providing a versatile SDK and an esports empowered gaming platform. Game developers can easily upgrade their games into a journey where players can compete for rewards in a skill-based way, which is more fair and exciting.


  • Win SDK allows game developers to integrate NFT-enabled, crypt0-rewards-available play-to-earn mechanics with just two lines of code.
  • Win provides a proprietary non-custodial wallet, enabling users to have complete control over their assets.
  • Additionally, Win offers a level-based staking system.
  • FTW token facilitates Win’s ecosystem with various utilities. play-to-earn games

According to Newzoo’s projection, the esports market will hit $1.8 billion by 2022. In addition, mobile gaming accounting for the biggest game segment is projected to reach US$124.90 billion in 2022, according to Statista. With esports gaining traction, it will add to the excitement of mobile gaming, further unleashing the potential of this industry. 

The rise of esports is not only due to the younger generation’s love for games, but also because it provides a new idea for game monetization. The gaming industry has been looking for more innovative approaches for monetization over the past few years. Thanks to blockchain technology, on-chain play-to-earn mechanics becomes another critical strategy for games to monetize by turning players’ gaming time into revenue. 

When esports meets play-to-earn, let’s imagine what sparks their combination will bring to the game industry. This is where (Win) comes into play, adding a play-to-earn layer to any mobile game and turning it into an esports arena. Suddenly anybody playing a video game can earn from their achievements, and earning from gaming is no longer only for the highly skilled.

Implement play-to-earn with Win SDK in two lines of code  

Play-to-earn has become one of the most effective ways to monetize games, and it is also the most desired game attribute for blockchain gamers. The Win SDK provides developers with a comprehensive play-to-earn model. Thanks to Win, developers can focus more on creating differentiation for their games, such as gameplay, storytelling, and their visuals. 

So what are the benefits of integrating with Win SDK?

  • First, it provides a complex match-making and player rating algorithm that enables PvP gameplay. Meanwhile, it ensures that player pairing is always fair.
  • Additionally, it employs an NFT-based leveling system that powers gamification mechanics and engages players with attractive perks. 
  • Furthermore, real-time analytics will keep track of all relevant data and provide in-depth insights into the user journey.
  • Last but not least, an experienced and dedicated support team stands by 24/7.

Win equips game developers with a dynamic ecosystem

With agility and instant finality at its core, Win’s technology equips game developers to compete in the fierce Web3 gaming industry. Plus, Win’s out-of-the-box solution brings player engagement to the next level, and from the first level 

From play-to-earn to play-to-win

Win strives to bring a thrilling gaming experience, leveling the play-to-earn mechanics up to play-to-win. With the Win SDK, developers can upgrade their skill-based games with different game modes, such as head-to-head or multiplayer tournaments, as well as tiered leagues. As a result, players can participate in these esports tournaments to compete for a share of the prize pool. There are a few esports-enabled games on Win’s platform for players to grab attractive rewards.

Track, stake, and earn with Win DeFi Wallet

Win provides users with a non-custodial wallet, a 100% decentralized wallet that gives users complete control over their private keys and, therefore, their digital assets. On top of that, users can have an intuitive interface to track and understand their crypto portfolio.

Win invites users to participate in its staking for rewards, in which 500,000 FTW tokens will be distributed via the Staking Reward Pool. To start staking, users will need to create a Win wallet. wallet

It is worth mentioning that Win introduced an NFT-powered level-based staking process. In the staking system, Heroes of the Win Realm are NFT characters that can power up users’ staking process. So how to make this happen? First, players need to gain experience by interacting with the Win platform and increasing their Hero’s level. For example, you can use your Heroes as in-game characters to play the game, embark on quests, and participate in tournaments. These are the ways to develop and level up your Heroes so that they will help reap bigger rewards for you and boost your staking. heroes


In Win’s ecosystem, the FTW token enhances user engagement with various utilities. Apart from staking this ERC-20 token for rewards, users can use it as a payment method for trading NFTs in the marketplace or paying for tournament entry fees. Besides, users will receive tournament prizes in FTW. 

For developers, FTW is also a powerful economical vehicle, as developers don’t need to set up a new token. Instead, they can use FTW to facilitate their in-game economy and ecosystem. In this way, developers can focus on crafting the gameplay, storytelling, visual design, etc., presenting their players with the ultimate gaming experience.  

The following picture demonstrates the versatility of FTW, and Win’s team will keep bringing more benefits for token holders in the future. token

Final thoughts 

Win unleashes the power of play-to-earn by not only bringing developers a versatile SDK, but also optimizing the gamer experience with an esports-ready platform. Notably, the blockchain gaming industry grew to $3 billion in 2021. Furthermore, it is projected to rise to $39.7 billion by 2025. Even though the trend is overwhelming, Win can save game developers from all the stress of on-chain esports upgrades and the struggle of monetization.

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