Major Economic Change to Breeding and Earning in Axie Infinity

More rewards for PVP gameplay, while breeding costs halved

With the launch of the 18th competitive season for Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis has made big changes to the economics of the battle game. Players now earn less SLP rewards in Adventure Mode, but can earn more through competitive PVP. In addition, the costs for breeding new Axies has been halved.

Sky Mavis made these changes to reward players that are truly active in the game, as PVP provides more challenges than Adventure Mode. In addition, breeding costs have been lowered to maintain a balance between the AXS and SLP values. This has been one of the biggest complaints from the community in recent weeks.

For the gaming community Axies are the most important NFT assets in Axie Infinity, because every player needs 3 Axies in order to play the game. At the moment of writing getting a full team of 3 Axies would cost at least $700. As the price of the AXS token rises, the cost to breed new Axies increases as well. Without the changes, this would become a cycle of ever increasing costs.

Instead of 4 AXS, breeding Axies now costs 2 AXS. At the current rate, that’s approximately $145. In addition gamers will need SLP tokens, and the amount of tokens required depends on how often an Axie has created offspring. Breeding a virgin Axie costs 150 SLP, and that amount increases significantly the more ‘experienced’ an Axie becomes. Right now SLP is worth $0,21, adding at least another $31 in costs. As a result breeding an Axie will now cost at least $176.

Ever since Axie Infinity moved over to the Ronin sidechain, they’ve been the leading NFT-powered project on the market. On a daily basis their marketplace sees more than $30 million in NFT trading volume. Over the past 30 days the project has seen $796 million in trading volume, up 159% month over month. 

With more than $1,2 billion in life-time trading volume, Axie Infinity has the most valuable NFT collection on the market. That’s almost as much as CryptoPunks and NBA Top Shot, the number 2 and 3 on the list, combined. 

Axie Infinity
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