LoserChick Gains 340% More Users in A Week

Processed transactions jump 2000%

LoserChick, the first Polygon-based 3D “Claw Crane” game, has had a remarkable week in terms of the number of unique active wallets using the platform. In the past seven days, LoserChick attracted a little over 340% more unique users. This is a very steep jump for the platform, hinting at increased interest from a larger community of users.

Aside from the increased number of UAW, LoserChick also saw a serious bump in the number of transactions its smart contracts had to process. The platform validated 1829% more transactions or about 13,020 transactions in a week.

Currently, the Polygon-based game boasts $1.83 million in volume. This represents a 197% increase week-on-week.

This strong performance in the past seven days indicates that LoserChick might be onto something. Not only that, as the first-ever “Claw Crane” game on the blockchain, it definitely brings back memories of carnivals and entertainment parks. But how does it work?

What is LoserChick?

LoserChick is an innovative approach to gaming on the blockchain. While currently there is a boom of NFT trading card games, PvP, and combat style games, LoserChick is taking a different approach. By bringing the “Claw Crane” to the blockchain, LoserChick revives memories from our childhood.

Designed after a traditional physical game we all know, LoserChick aims to combine popular game mechanics with innovative blockchain technology. In order to fully benefit from the power of the Polygon blockchain, the game incorporates DeFi elements and NFTs in order to bring rewards to players. Not only that, this is a completely on-chain gaming experience.

Additionally, the platform supports two native tokens. The CHICK token is used in-game in order to claw, or grab, EGG tokens. EGG tokens are then burned into NFTs, which can be collected, or sold. EGG tokens can also be locked up or staked in liquidity pools

As a rather new project, the game is steadily gaining traction among crypto and DeFi enthusiasts. It combines elements from traditional gaming and elements from blockchain-based decentralized applications. Considering the rise of blockchain gaming across all chains, LoserChick is setting out on an interesting journey. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring LoserChick’s development, so stay tuned. If you are looking to get yourself some CHICK or EGG tokens, try our new token swap service.

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