LiteBringer Adds New Content to Litecoin-powered Role Playing Game

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Major update boosts scarcity and player experience

LiteBringer, the very first entirely Litecoin-based role-playing game, received a major content update this Thursday. The eleventh game update will be rolled out in two phases. However, the most major changes will be implemented in the first phase of the update. 

LiteBringer has had a very steady performance over the past week, as news of the update have started circling around. While the number of active users has dropped insignificantly by 1.47%, both the number of transactions and the transaction volume are up. 

What to expect from the LiteBringer update?

Cipsoft has been actively developing the update for quite some time. Numerous different aspects of the game will receive a revamp or completely new features. We have listed them below:

New rare resources

The LiteBringer developers have decided to introduce new resources on top of the already available Elemental Stones and Shards. They’ve decided this because they want to push the scarcity of resources on the platform. By introducing the new rare resource supply, LiteBringer will get a completely revamped resource market. 

Players will be able to level up equipment items with the new resources. You will have to dismantle equipment items, or complete quests to receive rare resources. 

Creating a harness from start to finish

The methods for acquiring new resources are another important aspect of the changes LiteBringer plans to introduce. The new resource will substitute the Base Elemental Stone reward players currently receive. The amount of resources they receive will depend on the tier of the dismantled element.

The new resources will be introduced as rewards for successfully completing daily and weekly quests, as quests are an important aspect of the game. The ability to win the new game resources will also replace the currently enforced Sky Shard reward. 

Content extension – eight new bosses and two new tiers

Along with new resources, LiteBringer will also wow players with two completely new game tiers featuring eight new bosses. Each tier will have its own resource type (new resources scheme), which players can use for trader quests to buy equipment items.

Additionally, the bosses will have a completely new island on the map dedicated to them. 

LiteBringer one-time event quests

To further boost scarcity and rarity on the platform, LiteBringer will introduce limited-time event quests. These events will only be available in a specified time period and will not repeat for a long time after the deadline passes. 

It is important to note that one-time event quests will drop unique rewards that will not be available in the market or other quests. Considering this, one-time quests will definitely boost activity on the platform, as these will allow players to secure exclusive resources and items. 

Legendary questline

While the previous update patch saw LiteBringer rebranding legendary equipment as epic, this update will bring even more changes. The team has announced a legendary questline and corresponding ultra-rare assets as rewards.

The legendary quests will reward players with very rare and hard-to-get legendary items, which are higher in value than epic items. Legendary quests will be available to players who already have highly evolved, end-game characters. Another chance for players to acquire legendary items will be through a special trader who will consume the special item alongside the resources and rewards and will equip the character with a new and better version of the item.

The process of creating a weapon for LiteBringer

Leaderboard service

LiteBringer will also introduce the leaderboard service. Payers will be able to browse through updated highs scores information thanks to the new completely separate dedicated service. This product came after numerous requests from the community to improve the leaderboard. 

Improved LiteBriger user experience

One of the major achievements in this update is that performance is synchronized across all processes. This eliminates the opportunity for random buyer selection, for example. Thanks to game process parallelization, all buyer requests are stored and listed at the time of acceptance, ensuring that the buyer who sends a request first will receive the item.

To further the backend optimization, LiteBringer developers have introduced improved database processing. A significant update to database processing will come to transaction validation. While previously, the client used to check all the transactions performed by all gamers to compute the selling offers correctly. With this latest update, the client will only need to check the transactions done by the player who is interacting with the platform.

LiteBringer becomes even better

Considering the amount of changes LiteBringer has announced, the game is bound to become even better. In addition, with the launch of the latest update, a significant marketing campaign is on the way.

The update introduces a new incentive for players to sign up and start playing LiteBringer. Whether active, new, or returning, all accounts on the platform will receive 600 free transactions for a limited period of time.

In addition, LiteBringer will remove all charges for new sign-ups. This essentially means that new accounts will be able to play the game for at least a couple of weeks without depositing Litecoin. 

The team has been incredibly responsive to player questions regarding the update, aiming to clear as many questions as possible. They even held a dedicated ask-me-anything session, which you can find here.

If you want to learn more about LiteBringer, you can check out the DappRadar rankings page or more blogs

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