Lisk Grant Program Rewards 1.3M USD for Outstanding Business Ideas

Lisk Grant Program will reward selected projects with 1.3M USD

Lisk is a blockchain application platform that provides accessibility to the blockchain ecosystem by using JavaScript and its easy-to-integrate SDK. In order to accelerate the development of the Lisk ecosystem, the team launched the Lisk Grant Program to support entrepreneurs and developers to build blockchain applications and leverage the efficiency of using the Lisk SDK. Each selected project will receive 66,000 USD. Currently, the program is in its fourth stage, with a couple of projects successfully launched on its platform. 

Lisk strives to bring a world where everyone can benefit from blockchain technology. The ultimate goal of Lisk is to provide an interoperability solution so as to lay a solid foundation for a massive ecosystem featuring cross-chain technology.

With that in mind, Lisk invites developers to leverage the powerful Lisk SDK and build this universe filled with decentralized applications and services. It is also of critical importance to mention that the LSK token, together with the Lisk Wallet, will play an essential role in the Lisk ecosystem, representing the true value and spirit of the crypto world. All these agnostic, competitive, and experimental practices are great examples of Lisk’s embrace of innovation.

Lisk has been progressing efficiently along its roadmap. Notably, the team hit quite a few milestones in February 2022, including the release of Lisk Desktop v2.2.0, Lisk Mobile v2.0.0, Lisk Service v0.6.1, and more.

Meanwhile, the fourth wave of the Lisk Grant Program is still in full swing, and it runs from the 1st of January until March 31st. It is a developer program dedicated to boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in the blockchain space by facilitating the creation and further development of fully-fledged blockchain-based startups from scratch. Entrepreneurs and developers can receive 66,000 USD (paid in LSK tokens) to build a blockchain application on the Lisk platform. Applying and passing the assessment of the Grant Program committee will be a zero-to-one step for blockchain startups.

Currently, several successful participants of the Lisk Grant Program are developing their blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK. Let’s take a closer look at one of the successful applicants, Kalipo, and why it stands out.

How Kalipo contributes to Lisk

Kalipo provides a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) platform that makes global online collaborations easy. In addition, Kalipo equips DAOs with fund management tools to facilitate transparency and efficiency in their day-to-day operation. DAOs allow community members to exert influence and to express their viewpoints. More importantly, DAOs will be disruptive to traditional business structures by offering full democracy in business or non-profit entity management. 

With Kalipo‘s easy-to-use tools, helpful insights, and pre-made templates, users can create and manage their entire organization remotely and in a decentralized way. For example, voting is essential to a well-functioning democracy, but it can be time and energy consuming if poorly organized. This often results in poor voter attendance and even invalid votes. In response, Kalipo introduced a voting tool with an intuitive dashboard for operating and tracking the voting process easily.

Besides that, Kalipo’s fund management tools help DAOs raise and manage funds in a transparent, trusted, and decentralized manner.

Kalipo is one of the projects that has been carefully selected by the Lisk Foundation to participate in the First Wave of the Lisk Grant Program. The Lisk Grant Program aims to encourage innovation and promote the expansion of a dynamic blockchain ecosystem with dapps powered by Lisk. Undoubtedly, Kalipo’s ambition to develop a complete DAO platform to facilitate early project teams synergizes with the Lisk ecosystem. 

Application requirements

How to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem and participate in Grant Program? First, applying for the program simply requires minimum two founding team members, one of them being a JavaScript developer. The reason is simple, the Lisk platform and its SDK enjoy the versatility and accessibility of JavaScript as much as most of you do. Second, the team must have a start-up spirit to bring blockchain technology into real-world applications. Next, you need to submit a pitching deck including a description of all team members and a business plan. An interview with the evaluation committee will follow if the submission is successful. Last but not least, always stay up to date and build your application with the latest Lisk SDK, and all code should always be completely open-source.

Put your ideas into action

Lisk respects and supports all kinds of good ideas. As long as your project will bring users one step closer to an interoperable future, Lisk encourages you to put your ideas into practice. At the same time, the program also provides the following project categories for developers’ reference.

Suggested categories

  • Stablecoins
  • Privacy-preserving chains 
  • Smart contracts
  • Lending
  • Blockchain bridges
  • DAOs
  • DeFi
  • Oracles

Please be noted that your project does not have to fall into any of the above categories, and the list is only for your inspiration.

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Lisk Grant Program

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