Lisk Launches 4th Round of Dapp Developer Grant Program

lisk 4th dapp developer grant program

Build on Lisk and get a 60,000 CHF grant paid in LSK tokens

The Lisk Foundation invites entrepreneurs and developers to create dapps on their blockchain, and they will grant those pioneers a 60,000 CHF grant. Lisk is an open-source blockchain application platform, and the foundation expects developers to work with the same ethos. 

From the 1st of January until March 31st developers can apply for a grant from the Lisk Foundation. This is the fourth wave, after which the foundation will reevaluate the program for Lisk.js 2022. 

Developers can receive the 60,000 CHF, or $65,800, grant per blockchain application or dapp. The funding will be paid in LSK tokens, which currently have a value of $2,45 per LSK token. Developers will receive the grant through milestones.

The milestones are:

  1. Project setup (1,000 CHF) – sign the agreement, verify identity, setup project, publish a blog post on own website 
  2. Minimum Viable Product (4,000 CHF) – Develop an MVP with the latest Lisk SDK, publish a blog post about MVP, receive feedback from Lisk
  3. Development (30,000 CHF) – Propose three goals to yourself, publish a blog post about each goal, let Lisk review your code. Then launch on public testnet, and publish a blog post about that again. Keep testnet running for one month to receive a payout. 
  4. Launch (25,000 CHF) – Launch dapp on mainnet, publish launch in a blog post. Then register dapp on Lisk as a sidechain, publish blog post on Keep sidechain running for one month to receive final payout. 

Minimum requirements to get started

The foundation requires there to be at least two founding members. Even though the rights to the dapp remain with the developers, another requirement from the foundation is that the development is open-source. 

Even though every dapp developer can apply, the Lisk Foundation wants to use the Lisk Grant Program only for serious real-world blockchain applications. They expect developers to be serious, raise further funding and establish a legal entity at some point. 

Dapp categories for the Lisk Grant Program

The Lisk Foundation realizes that the Lisk blockchain ecosystem is still in its infancy. Therefore they want to stimulate developers to create dapps that are fundamental for the ecosystem. The foundation has decided on eight categories, which they consider have the biggest growth potential. Even though any dapp can receive a grant, dapps from these categories have the biggest chance to be picked. 

  • Stablecoins
  • Privacy-preserving chains 
  • Smart contracts
  • Lending
  • Blockchain bridges
  • DAOs
  • DeFi
  • Oracles

What makes Lisk interesting for developers

As mentioned, it’s still very early days for Lisk. The name of Lisk has been doing the rounds for quite some time. In August last year they launched their mainnet v3, pushing their mission for full blockchain interoperability even further. What makes Lisk special is that every dapp can function as a sidechain, making the entire ecosystem very scalable. 

Lisk uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, meaning that everybody can vote for delegates. The chosen ones will get to add blocks to the blockchain in a certain order. Delegates will need to vote on themselves using LSK tokens with at least a 10% weight, meaning that every delegate has serious skin in the game. You can learn more about the DPoS consensus mechanism for Lisk here

Even developers not familiar with blockchain technology will find it easy to get started with Lisk, because it uses the JavaScript programming language. Apply now for a 60,000 CHF grant and bring your dapp idea to the Lisk blockchain. 

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