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DappRadar now tracks Linea, the rising L2 zk-rollup for Ethereum

DappRadar is excited to announce that users can now discover dapps built on Linea, through the Chain and Dapp Rankings, project pages and the DeFi TVL Rankings. This gives Web3 explorers the opportunity to discover trending dapps and DeFi protocols, and analyze key metrics on the Linea blockchain. 

DappRadar has now integrated Linea, the zk-rollup by ConsenSys to scale Ethereum. Linea is one of the rising stars among all Layer-2 networks, and currently pushes for decentralization through its Linea Voyage XP program. Users obtain non-tradable XP, and with that build a reputation within the Linea community. 

Projects and users utilizing the Linea blockchain can leverage next gen scalability and developer-ready tools, infrastructure and wallets. Linea launched its mainnet in July 2023, and DappRadar now tracks 34 dapps, and more to come.

Discover dapps on Linea

Among the Linea dapps listed on DappRadar, Web3 users may find established DeFi projects such as SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, and Stargate Finance

However, the Linea ecosystem also offers its own native dapps, including:

  • Layer Bank – a permissionless on-chain banking service
  • Mendi – a lending protocol 
  • XFAI – a decentralized exchange

Valuable insights through the DeFi Rankings

DappRadar has also integrated Linea into its DeFi TVL metrics. This means that users interested in decentralized finance, can dive into the DeFi Rankings and gain key insights to support their decision making process. 

Through the DeFi Rankings users can obtain information about the Total Value Locked (TVL) in a project’s smart contracts, but also the volume flowing through the dapp and the number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW). 

Missing a dapp? List it now!

Are you a developer or creator within the Linea ecosystem? Showcase your DeFi project or dapp to the world by submitting it to DappRadar. Join our platform and connect with a global community of Web3 enthusiasts eager to explore and engage with your project.

Simply navigate to our Developer Dashboard, register for a DappRadar account, fill out the required information, and submit your application. Once approved, your dapp will be visible to users worldwide, boosting your project’s visibility and potential for success.

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