Life Simulation Game Ertha Coming to Binance Smart Chain

ertha binance smart chain nft game

An NFT-powered Heroes of Might and Magic-inspired economic and social game world

Ertha is a newly announced world simulation game on Binance Smart Chain where humanity gets a second chance to rebuild the world. In this virtual world, players can own land, become a businessman or politician, soldier, or farmer. Ertha is an exploration of what the world might become.

Ertha doesn’t stick to one type of gameplay, as players can engage into conflict, production, economics or social life. The developers comprate the game with Heroes of Might and Magic, a classic strategy game famous for its open gameplay. As a player you will choose specializations that fit you the best, and with those choices you can improve your NFTs and your virtual country. 

The world of Ertha consists of 350,000 HEX land plots, each of them an NFT on Binance Smart Chain. Those who own a piece of land, earn when other players transact on that particular land. Each piece of land provides certain resources. In some countries there might be a lot of fruit and wood, while oil and titanium will likely be rare. These resources influence the value of a piece of land.  

What do you do as a player

Every player in the game world of Ertha gets their own character. These characters have unique characteristics, like health points, strength and intelligence. In addition, the player characters can have certain traits, like eagle sight, or disadvantages, like an addiction. Players need to collect resources, to ultimately gain more power in the Ertha game world. 

Every player can choose a place to live in on Ertha, and then study or work to earn ETH tokens. Players need to travel to certain places to be able to participate in certain studies. Gaining knowledge is essential to be able to gather resources and gain value. Ertha allows players to have all kinds of professions, ranging from farmers to politicians. 

ERT, the native token for Ertha on BSC, also gives players governance power. The more tokens someone holds, the more governance power they have. This power will also reflect on their actions inside the game world. Political dispute and international conflict will influence the price of NFT land.

Play-to-earn finds momentum

According to a recent DappRadar and BGA Report, blockchain gaming is rapidly becoming more popular. While traditionally crypto investors turn to DeFi, a new wave of crypto enthusiasts is now taking center stage. GameFi, the combination between decentralized finance and gaming on the blockchain, is attracting more users than ever.

Only in August, more than 883,000 unique blockchain wallets interacted with a gaming smart contract on a daily average. This is an increase of 17.02% from the numbers seen in July. Top games in the play-to-earn or GameFi industry attract more than 250,000 unique active user wallets per day. 

These numbers come together with increased financial power in the sector. In August alone gamers have been responsible for almost 20% of all NFT trading. That would be the equivalent of $1 billion.

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