Legendary Fantasy Art Becomes Game Character in VulcanVerse

vulcanverse fantasy art NFT

Raffle tickets on sale starting from June 20th

Blockchain gaming studio Vulcan Forged has secured the IP rights for artworks by some of the best fantasy artists. These artworks will be sold as unique Vulcanite NFTs that can be used across the VulcanVerse ecosystem. 

To secure the rights to artworks by Frank Frazetta, Sanjulian, Ciruelo Cabral and Juan Gimenez they partnered with Artefy. These artists have worked on designs for Conan the Barberian, Magic the Gathering and George Lucas’ Bantam trilogy. Frazetta’s work The Egyptian Queen (left side in the image below) sold two years ago for $5,4 million as a physical painting.

Vulcan Forged will create an exclusive, unique Vulcanite NFT of which only one edition will exist. Owners can use their Vulcanite NFT inside VulcanVerse as a 3D character to fight, spy, forage or defend. That means that the gorgeous artworks by world-famous artists will literally come to live in the fantasy game world of VulcanVerse.

Four of these artworks will sold through a raffle. Players will be able to buy raffle tickets starting from June 20th.

How to join the raffle

Four Vulcanite NFTs designed by Frank Frazetta will be given away through a raffle. Starting from June 20th players can buy raffle tickets using PYR tokens. 

Right now PYR can only be obtained through an exchange, like for example Kucoin. However, Vulcan Forged will introduce a fiat on-ramp soon. This will allow gamers to buy PYR tokens using for example their credit card.

What are these Vulcanites?

Vulcanites are the beasts that live in the world of VulcanVerse. These are the demons and sabretooth tigers, the minotaurs and dryads. These creatures are unique NFTs. Players can use their Vulcanites in battles, or make them find rare objects and artifacts. They can also use them for espionage, hoping to find a blueprint at an enemy base. 

That’s how you use the Vulcanites inside VulcanVerse, but the NFTs also function in the wider Vulcan Forged ecosystem. For example, the owners can use them in the trading card game Berserk, which is already available for iOS and Android. 

The newly announced Vulcanites from the partnership with Artefy, will become unique NFTs. There will only be one copy. However, other Vulcanites have 50 editions, or maybe even 500 editions. The amount of editions will influence their pricing. Vulcanites that have low-edition numbers, but a high-level, will be valuable on the public marketplace. 

Furthermore, landowners need to make sure that their Vulcanite comes from the same quadrant as their land. In addition a Vulcanite can never have a higher level than the land it’s located on. Therefore, when a Vulcanite levels up, landowners will need to spend and stake additional PYR tokens to increase the land level.  

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