KuCoin Teams Up with Ertha to Show How to Trade in the Metaverse

KuCoin Teams Up with Ertha to Show How to Trade in the Metaverse
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Visit the Ertha beta to experience KuCoin’s virtual office

KuCoin has announced its entry into the Ertha metaverse, showing digital citizens all there is to know about trading. Renowned for their pursuit of high-quality blockchain projects, they have partnered with Ertha, a highly anticipated metaverse project.


  • Ertha is a metaverse project on Binance Smart Chain, incorporating play-and-earn as well as play-and-learn mechanics.
  • KuCoin’s arrival in Ertha aims to provide users with a state-of-the-art venue for a metaverse trading experience.
  • The Ertha metaverse consists of 360,000  land plots, which are crucial resources for players to generate earnings. 
  • A limited-time land sale with 30% off is underway.
  • Ertha’s Early Beta is now open to all users to experience the gameplay.

The metaverse is not separated from people’s real lives. Instead, it is an extension that complements our real world. This is why tech companies are constantly innovating and experimenting, bringing users an ultra-realistic and interactive metaverse experience.

Among them is Ertha, a metaverse project that aims to replicate a real-life environment, simulating the actions that people have to perform to live a life. In addition, businesses and partnerships are forming in this virtual world. 

KuCoin, one of crypto’s largest exchanges, has recently announced its arrival in Ertha’s metaverse. So what kind of synergy will be created by the collaboration between the two?

KuCoin office in Ertha

KuCoin joins Ertha to seek a win-win opportunity

Big brands have already made their presence in the metaverse. Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Coca-Cola, and more are tapping into the new digital frontier. KuCoin, the global cryptocurrency exchange, has also settled down in the metaverse, exploring new scenarios for seamless digital asset trading.

Ertha’s play-and-earn and play-and-learn mechanics grant NFT owners a real opportunity to earn income from their land. KuCoin is among the earliest investors to seize such an opportunity. As the boundary between the virtual world and the real one blurs, KuCoin believes it is necessary to provide a state-of-the-art venue for metaverse users to browse live market charts and begin trading any time they want.

Check out the video below to see what the Ertha metaverse offers its users — customizable NFTs, outstanding graphics, immersive experience, and more! Users can also log in to Ertha’s Early Beta to try it themselves.

The KuCoin Office is just one of the endless possibilities in the Ertha ecosystem. At present, more than 24,000 plots of land have been sold to early investors, and they are planning to provide users with unprecedented virtual experiences. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity, take advantage of an exclusive offer to get revenue-generating ERTHA NFT Land for 30% OFF for a limited time.

What is Ertha, and why is it unique? 

Ertha is a metaverse with unique storytelling. In Ertha, mankind finds itself on the brink of extinction, and they have the opportunity to right the wrongs of their past by building a new world.

Ertha’s world is a meticulously-designed playspace where players can create new governments and economies and form alliances between its player base. The Ertha metaverse is divided into NFT land plots, each of which can generate taxes, fees, and other forms of revenue from the transactions taking place on them. 

For those looking for an introduction to metaverses with the possibility to play and earn, Ertha represents such an opportunity. In Ertha, players must balance production, trade, and financial budgets to maximize their profit and stay ahead of the competition.

What are the features of Ertha?

Ertha fits the current trend of ownership economy, and its player ownership is connected to unique NFTs called HEXs. Each HEX grants its owner complete control over their land within the metaverse. There are various ways of utilizing lands to make money, such as international trades, taxes, real estate investment, and more.

Similar to real-world lands, popular locations are naturally more valuable. The game recently announced a series of high-value sales, including Rome for $120,000 and Tokyo for $59,000.

What’s more, Ertha has been designed to replicate a real-life environment with a player-driven economy. In times of conflict or peace, a player’s actions, whether political or environmental, can create real change and have far-reaching consequences.

Join Ertha Beta and start to play-and-earn

Ertha continues positioning itself at the forefront of innovation within the metaverse and GameFi sphere. An array of notable projects have already successfully joined Ertha’s ecosystem. KuCoin’s backing is another solid testament to Ertha’s long-term potential.

Ertha’s Early Beta is now open to all. It gives players a closer look at its gameplay and role-playing systems. In addition to embarking on a fantastic adventure in this virtual world, the play-and-learn mechanics open up exciting opportunities for players to get an early look at how the future economy will work.

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